Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Plastic bags

We've all seen shredded plastic caught up in branches and we've all heard of the discarded plastic garbage patches in the ocean. There's a huge movement to get rid of single use plastic, and yet the grocery stores in my town still offer plastic bags, charging $0.05 each.

I always have half a dozen reuseable cloth bags in my car when I go shopping, but it surprises me how many people buy those plastic bags.

Last week, I went to two separate grocery stores, and on both occasions, the shopper in front of me at the checkout asked for 6 or more plastic bags. I was very tempted to ask why they needed the bags and what they were going to do with them once they had carried the groceries home.
But I didn't. I restrained myself.
When is it polite to mention plastic bags to a stranger?
Would you confront a shopper about plastic bags?
What's your opinion about this?


  1. I might be inclined to say in a loud enough voice as they're leaving, "I have cloth bags, thanks." it might get them thinking.

  2. We also carry cloth bags. Always. I like William's suggestion. I wouldn't confront the shopper though. I am a wimp.

  3. I'm in the states st the moment and I can't believe how many plastic bags that are handed out to customers in Walmart, Safeways, Ross for Less, Dollar tree etc. In the UK they just aren't available now, you have to take your own bags to the store, and no ones uses plastic bags now. If you do need one you have to go and hunt someone down and pay for one. If I forget my bag, I fill the trolley and take the stuff to my car and fill the bags up in the back of my car. I must have used the same bags for 8 years now.

  4. I do my own thing. By summer the single use plastic bags will not be available here any more. People will adapt.

  5. No I wouldn't bother to confront. I don't think that person is completely oblivious to the plastic bag deluge here. Maybe they are reusing for other purposes or they just don't care. Eventually, they'll all be banned anyway.

  6. I guess the main point for me is to take care of your plastic bags if you have them. Reuse them and make sure they don't join the loose debris.

  7. Yes, I'm with Anvilcloud...take care of what you have and don't contribute to the debris. Some habits are hard to many, many years of taking the bags and not even thinking about the end result. I do bring my own bags into the store most of the time but still am guilty of a memory lapse or two. To answer your question, I missed my hot crossed buns this year...the flu and diet sidelined me this year. I do love that buttery warm taste.

  8. I've had cloth bags for about ten years now Shammi, and smaller net bags for fruit and veg. I probably wouldn't say anything either but I don't actually think plastic bags are available any more ✨

    1. I think the shops should consider not supplying plastic bags at all, or perhaps charge $1.00 or more each. But sadly, I think some people would still use them.

  9. i have cloth bags and request paper if an extra one is needed. Plastic bags being phased out. Now, so are plastic straws. I think best not to confront strangers on many matters this day and age.


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