Monday, 29 April 2019

Muskrat Meanderings

There's a large pond at the end of my street and I quite often go for a walk round the neighbourhood and end up on the path around the pond. A home for frogs and small fish, and a blue heron.
Last summer I noticed a small aquatic animal swimming around but it was hard to get a good look. Too small to be a beaver, and there weren't any chewed up trees. I decided it must be a muskrat.
Now that the ice and snow have disappeared, I wondered if Mr Muskrat had survived the winter, and yes, there he is, happily swimming around.

So far Mr Muskrat seems to have the whole pond to himself, but I wonder if there will be a Mrs Muskrat and some babies later in the spring. I'll keep watching. And maybe get some better photos.


  1. To survive this past winter is no mean feat.

  2. We haven’t seen the local muskrats yet. A beaver has reduced the amount of water in their stream and we wonder if the muskrats will move out.

  3. The muskrat survived a cold winter now he wants the reward of a nice spring and summer. I bet there will be others that show up as the weather gets better.

  4. WHAT a treat. I am glad he survived the winter, and hope others join him soon.

  5. I've seen one in the wild like this. A treat to see them!

  6. You made a lovely find. Hope the muskrat will enjoy the comfortable seasons with his families after surviving frigid cold. The boy Y turned 6 on the first day of the Era of Reiwa.



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