Saturday, 30 December 2006

Impulse buying

Yesterday, it was a planned shopping day with No1Son, No2Son and No2Son's Beloved to look at washing machines (Boxing Week sales y'know). While they were discussing the virtues of energy saving and low water use with the salesman in the appliance department, The Space Cadet and I wandered towards the furniture.... that was not a wise decision. There it sat, waiting for me... the taupe leather sofa from heaven! I sat on it, walked away, sat on it again, and walked away again, but it was calling my name. TSC warned me about the dangers of impulse buying, and he's right, so today we checked out another half dozen furniture stores, but that sofa is the one I have been waiting for..... all I had to do was take some measurements to check that the delivery men can get it through the door, and it will fit! So tomorrow I'll be the happy owner of a new sofa. WOOHOO!
Impulse buying ROCKS!!!


  1. Well done! The printer I bought just before Christmas is now half price. Booo Hoo!

  2. I can't say I blame you - that's a very comfortable looking sofa. Thanks for the visit and comment - and come back often. I will read more of yours after church.

  3. Oh lucky you! I want one too.
    I "ended up" with a pink mobile the other day... that took a lot of justifiying I can tell you!
    Have a wonderful and happy new year.
    xx Fizzy xx

  4. pi: haven't you learned yet... whatever you buy BEFORE Christmas is ALWAYS on sale AFTER Christmas, ezpecially if it was expensive to start with!

    kenju: Thanks for checking out my ramblings. Mostly I just write about my day-to-day life; occasionally you might find a gem of wisdom, but you have to look hard!

    fizzy: you can come and sit on my new sofa ANY TIME!! Just call me on the pink mobile!

  5. A candy bar, new lipstick, new pair of jeans. . . those are impulse buys. A brand new leather sofa? You're a very daring impulse buyer!!

  6. Well, you see Inihtar, my current sofa was purchased c1968, and has been recovered twice... so I decided I deserve a new one!


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