Tuesday, 15 May 2007

M is also for Mother's Day

My Mothers Day celebration was delayed for 24 hours, and I'm happy that it was!
We made our way downtown by the Toronto CN Tower on Monday after work. YoungerSon almost went for a swim in the salmon pool thanks to his Beloved.

The CN Tower is the world's tallest freestanding structure on land. The Tower opened to the public in June 1976. I've been to the Observation Deck many times since then, usually acting as tour guide to out-of-town visiting friends and rellies, but I was surprised to learn that neither OlderSon or YoungerSon have been up there since they were kids.

We ate at Copia Grille on Front Street. I had the special... tilapia with ginger and mango, with steamed rice, and assortment of stir-fried veggies... Divine! Prices were good too.

And then... on to the Rogers Centre (formerly known as The SkyDome until purchased by Ted Rogers in 2004) to the Jays game.

We went in at Gate 5. Scalpers everywhere, but we already had our tickets.

Need a Blue Jays hat? Team shirt with your favourite player's name on the back? Here's just the place.

Before the game, "The Star Spangled Banner" and "O Canada" on the Jumbotron.

We had seats in the second row just past third base. Just far enough past third base that we all had cricks in our necks from looking to the left for 2-1/2 hours!
Lets Play Ball.....

By the sixth inning, the peanuts and beer had all been consumed and we needed some dessert.

Seventh inning stretch....

........and the home team wins!
Toronto Blue Jays 5, Baltimore Orioles 3.

Thank you to my wonderful family for a great Mother's Day!
P.S. I've changed No1Son and No2Son's blog IDs to OlderSon and YoungerSon. There's far too much competition to be Mum's No1 favourite these days.... :-)


  1. Go Toronto! Whoo hoo!!
    Toronto is one of my favorite Canadian cities. I have such fond memories of our trip there, 11 years ago. Gee, time flies. It doesn't seem like it was that long ago, my memories still seem so vivid.

  2. What a delightful Mom's day you had. And winning too boot. You make my mouth water at that 7th inning stretch photo. Think I will have to go have some ice cream right now...

  3. Looked like you had a great time. I love your story told in photos.

    I will have to do a story book with photo too...one day.

    Happy Mother's Day.

  4. You ceratinly had a great day out!! Nice to be spoiled!

  5. We've been to Toronto twice and never been up the Tower. 3rd time lucky, maybe?

  6. Some real nice shots on a great day. Hope you had lots of fun.

  7. What a fabulous Mother's Day celebration, Ex-S. And a good time was had by all. How nice that the Jays could win the game for you. :)

    I had a nice chuckle over the #1 and #2 son designation needing to be changed.

  8. Sounds altogether perfect. Did she really push him in??

  9. At $38.00 a ticket, I would say you are well loved...then add in all the perks...food, beer and dessert! You are absolutely a Firat Lady!

  10. Hi everyone:
    - Mad: Yes, Toronto is a GREAT city, and if you ever get to visit again, let me know, we'll go out on the town!
    - Photo: Always good to go to a winning game. It's a real downer when they lose.
    - Ming: What's an evening out without photos to look at afterwards???
    - Libby: They are really good to me!
    -Dogbait: Let me know when you're arriving and I'll be your personal tour guide.
    - Kalyan: Yes, lots of fun. Always good to go to a baseball game.
    - Ginnie: Let's Go, Blue Jays! Unfortunately, they're the bottom of the league right now.... but we can hope for a miracle I suppose.
    - Tut: It was all staged for the camera... but one of these days he'll have to watch out if he makes her mad....
    - Rosie: What I didn't tell you is that the tix were half price courtesy of OlderSon working for a Rogers TV station. But regardless of the price, I really appreciate them taking me out, they are all super people.

  11. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. And a baseball game too I haven't been to a game in ages.

  12. What a terrific day. That tower is a knockout but I have my doubts about them all now, how they look...yes, 'older' son etc is a good way to put it.

  13. Firts baseball match I've been to in bloggersphere. It was a great match and a deserved home win.

    Have an excellent weekend

  14. *in response to your comment* No it doesnt bother me to have spikey hair. Unless it rains terribly (I live in LA this isnt frequent) I dont have a problem and I can feel the wind with no further irritation. The one thing that is a problem is sitting in the tiny backseats of people's cars :)


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