Wednesday, 30 May 2007

R is for Renovate, Rebuild and Repair

The Space Cadet loves to mend things. He can't bear to see something that's broken, or almost broken. It's his mission in life to find innovative ways to Renovate, Rebuild and Repair everything that needs attention, while incurring the least possible cost.

In the past, he's turned the depressingly dark 1960's avocado green bathroom into a bright sunny place where you can actually enjoy your trip to the loo.

He's Ripped out the ancient red stair carpet and Refinished the bannisters and handrail.

He's double glazed the windows and insulated my office.

He's planned and installed a new gas furnace and hot air ductwork..... oh, and Rebuilt the laundry room, and the rec room... Repaired my car.... is there no end to this man's talents?

... and now he's at it again, repairing the double doors that separate the driveway from the back yard. The doors have been out there in all weather for more than 15 years, and some parts were completely Rotten. First step.... take them apart.

The doors were held together with wooden dowels which had almost disintegrated, so The Space Cadet Replaced the dowels with plastic gas service pipe .... and it worked! Told you he's innovative! And cheap! Never spend money on stuff when you can use whatever you have lying about in the workshop.

Once the glue had dried, it was time to put the door back in one piece.

Sanding, then a coat of paint, and the glass was Replaced. Sorry, I don't have a "Before" pic, but here's the "After".


  1. DIY man... that's hot.. :P

  2. You have no idea how lucky you are. I have a "honey-do" list as long as my arm...and that's not counting the shower door that we have had for 3 years and still waiting for installation. There's the faucets in both upstairs bathrooms, the shower heads, the screen fix it needed...and on and on.

  3. You have one great man there. Super job and very innovative. Its nice to have a the house.

  4. Yippee for The Space Cadet! My Man of The Place is great at repairs to the house. He can do electrical stuff!

  5. Wow! You need to clone him!!!! :)

  6. What a clever sausage he is!

    Do you use the term sausage over there such as "what a clever little sausage"? otherwise he may hit me if he think that I think he looks like a sauage!

    Great work!

  7. I came to thank you, sincerely, for visiting my blog and for commenting there.

    I am sooooo glad I came here and got to see your photography and to read all about the so-called, "Space Cadet" redoing the double doors.

    Let me tell you that this man would be in "great" demand down here where I live. A man with those talents would be chased all over Ohio by people looking to get something repaired. And he would get paid for it too.

    I am somewhat astonished at his resourcefulness. He must have come out of or through the Great Depression. His making do with what is available is the kind of person you want to do odd jobs. They can usually fix anything.

    I really liked your post today. I will try to come back often.

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  8. Wonderful work! My father-in-law is good at doing jobs like that too. He is in high demand, and at 84 stays very busy.

  9. It is not the district of the handymen of Sunday but of the
    professionals. I have work in my house. If you finished on your

  10. Everything is now in perfect shape in your house? Next task?

    (Or maybe he will invent something?)

  11. Hi everyone:
    - drama: You said it right, Div@!
    - Rosie: start installing the shower door yourself, he'll soon see that you're doing it all wrong and he'll take over!
    - photo: I agree, he's the best!
    - Peggy: It helps to have someone around who knows what he's doing specially with the electrics. I hate electric shocks, don't you?
    - Ginnie: how much will you pay me for a copy if the cloning is a success?
    - Martin: I use that expression all the time, but it's not normal for Canadians to call each other sausages, clever or otherwise. It raises a few eyebrows.
    - Abe: It's nothig to do with the Great Depression, he's innovative and uses what's available cos he hates spending money!!
    - Beverley: 84, wow, that's a great age and still be doing odd jobs with success. Congratulations to him.
    - Bergson: Sorry, lots more jobs to do on this house before we can move on to yours!
    - Peter: this house will NEVER be in perfect shape, after all, it's 112 years old....

  12. There was the Red Green show out of Canada that I used to watch. Red Green always said, "If the women don't find you handsome, they can always find you handy". You are a very lucky woman - you have both characteristics in your man.

  13. congratulations! any husband who can fix things is worth his weight in gold. great job on the door.


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