Saturday, 26 May 2007

Q is for Quilt

In September 2002 I started making a Quilt. I'd been hoarding a pack of fabric squares bought a few years previously in USA, so it was time to use them.
I saw a pattern I liked, and copied it, and this is the result. It's machine stitched, but hand quilted.
It was intended to be a Christmas prezzie for OlderSon's new house. Still not finished, and now it's 2007.
Oh well..... one day....

Here's a Quilt I actually completed!

The Space Cadet says it looks like castles, I said it's supposed to be cats. What do you think?


  1. I immediately thought cats when I saw the second quilt, Ex-S. But I can see the castles as well (to save the peace :). Making a quilt is something I've always wanted to do...but there are SO MANY THINGS I want to do. I'll need many more life-times to do them all, so don't feel bad about not finishing more than one! :)

  2. wow...lovely quilts. i saw the cats right off, but i also saw...hmmm...batman in the house of mirrors??

  3. Now that's exciting!! ANd I am covetous of your quilting hoop. I need one!! Once we get out of Egypt perhaps I will find one.

  4. Cozy kittys. Very cute design. Your quilt project sounds like a few of mine. The older I get the harder it seems to finish those things.

  5. The best letter in the alphabet!

  6. wow! How amazing!

    Not cheep I bet! (LOL)

  7. You have started a laaarge project. I do so vere well know that takes time.
    But I'm sure the result will be fabulous.

    Here in the area: Yesterday very dry, blue sky, and about 19-20 C. When we have Sun from before 4 am, we really think we have had enough. Could even go "cloth optional". Thats how the Sun is "baking".

    Today 17-21 C. But not clear, blue sky. We were in the garden - for 45 minutes. A little work. But thats good.

    Now we will have dinner - Cod fillets and vegs. And some local cheese.

    Have a wonderful end of this looong weekend

  8. Gorgeous quilt! I love the cat motive in the design.

    My aunt made me a quilt a couple years ago and I bought a beautiful (machine made) quilt when I was in Paris last year.

    They are used mostly when I have guests over.

  9. Definitley cats, Its beautiful. I too would love to make a quilt but sewing has never been something i cared to do. My mother was the seamstress, don't know why she never attempted to make a quilt.

  10. Totally cats. No doubt about it!
    I'm right there with Ginnie and want to make a quilt so bad! I love getting my hands on anything crafty. But truth be told, i'm also afraid because I know i'll end up getting so into it and I have no room w/ all of my paper craft supplies to store fabric or even table space for a sewing machine!
    I love love love quilts. I have an Amish one hanging in my living room. I so admire anyone who can make them. You're my quilting hero!

  11. Hmmm. I see cats, but it could remind one of a castle. How about a cat's castle? ;)

  12. Hm, I saw castles though that was the first explanation I saw, and therefore blame the power of suggestion. They are definitely cats. I love your quilts I havent done one in a very long time!

  13. Cats.....lovely cats, side by side in all colors of kitty love...anything as lovely as the quilt for the older son will take time.

  14. oh cats, def.

    (also saw batman)

  15. Cats, ofcourse, but I see the castles too.


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