Thursday, 3 May 2007

Ten Facts about ME!

Rosemary tagged me to reveal TEN facts about ME, and it's only polite to respond, even though I was an afterthought taggee! Just kidding, Rosie.

  1. I started making a quilt in 2002... still not finished. But one day it will be.... I just can't predict which decade.
  2. I have red hair. When I was at boarding school, I was asked if my hair kept me awake at night, cos it was so bright. I hated being called "Red" or "Ginger". But I never had to colour my hair, and it's way better than going grey! Just think of the money I saved by not having to invest in Lady Clairol every couple of weeks.
  3. I cry at everything.
  4. I consider turning on a tap and hot water coming out whenever you need it to be one of mankind's finest achievements.
  5. I was at Buffalo Zoo when Neil Armstrong stepped from the Lunar Module onto the Moon in 1969. When he said "One small step for a Man, One giant leap for Mankind", I was watching monkeys.
  6. The count so far is 0 grand children, 2 grand-horses, 2 grand-kitties and a grand-dog. None of them have red hair.
  7. I saw my first TV at a friend's house at age 7 or 8, my favourite programme was The Cisco Kid. (Ehhh Cisco! Ehhh Pancho!) My family had electricity installed when I was about 10. My father said we would NEVER get one of those new-fangled time waster TV sets. We got the TV when I was 11.
  8. I learned to drive at 18 on a 1950's 3 ton Bedford RL Army truck with manual gears with no synchromesh, and had to have a special endorsement on my British drivers license as I was under 21 at the time (only those over 21 could drive heavy equipment).
  9. I married far too young.
  10. I spent most of my childhood driving my mother crazy cos I wouldn't eat meat. I still don't like it much, but at least I eat some now. But I prefer veggies. And Cheese! I LOVE cheese!

So there you have it! Ten fairly useless facts about ME.

If any blogger wants to take up the challenge, consider yourself tagged. But let me know, cos I want to find out all about you!


  1. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!! Thank you....I loved the Cisco Kid, what you saved on Lady C. I spent ten times over, I was buying a vacuum when Neil said those wonderful words. Thank you, thank you, thank you, dear blogger friend.

  2. Growing up, my own family watched The Cisco Kid every week!

    My first daughter has red hair. She's a stepdaughter, but in our eyes, she is my own. Anyway, I always LOVED to joke about "beating her like a proverbial red headed step child." I don't know where that came from, and it probably shouldn't be funny, but she'd grin and say, "DAAaaad..."

  3. Those are NOT useless facts, they're awesome! I so glad you shared them. Love that you remember exactly where you were when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon and your sense of humor about the grands not having red hair. Hee!
    Speaking of veggies, you asked about how long we grill varies depending on how hot the grill is. Anywhere from 15 minutes to 25. Just keep testing how 'floppy' they feel.

  4. HAHAHA! Totally fun facts to learn about you. I especially love the 0 grand kids, 2 grand horses, 2 grand kittens and 1 grand dog facts. :-)

    Thanks for the good humor. I really enjoyed reading it.

  5. That was awesome! Thanks for sharing!

    And I just got caught up on all the rest of your alphabet posts! What fun you've been having!

  6. Ohhhh, I just LOVE these memes, even though I never get around to doing them myself. Maybe some day!

    But this is SOOOO informative and totally fun to read about you. I realiaze that in all my time coming here to your blog, I have never seen your name in print and don't know who you are besides Ex-S! Is everone else in the same boat or is it just me?

    We are fellow redheads, of course. I knew there was a very deep connection. :) No one else can possibly know what it's like, both good and bad. I had one experience that I remember well, as a young adult, when some guy actually went too far making fun of me and it wasn't funny any more. But other than that, I have accepted my red hair with the same kind of "pride" as you mentioned. They say redheads have a higher tolerance for pain, BTW! Something in the genetic make-up.

    It was my year-younger sister's birthday when Neil landed on the moon, July 20, 1969. It was a couple months before Bill and I got married, and we were sitting in Mom and Dad's living room in Michigan, watching the whole thing on TV. I'll never forget it! I was 24.

  7. Well you are awesome. Someone said that already. Anyway, I stopped to say, "thanks" for visiting my blog and for commenting there. I appreciate it a lot. It sure is nice to hear from people from all over the world.

    Abraham Lincoln

  8. Thanks everyone... "Awesome" is exactly what I am NOT! A much overused word IMHO, but thanks for saying it anyway.
    - Rosie: Interesting to hear what everyone was doing on the Moon Landing Day... maybe we should start a post just focussed on that!
    - Craver: I've never heard that expression before, is it one you made up or is everyone but me familiar with it?
    - Mad: thanks for the asparagus tips (hahahah) I'll be BBQing today!
    - Ming: Glad I could make you laugh!
    - Ini: good luck on your next world move, I just know that you'll cope with all the changes admirably. Look at all the changes you have already encountered!
    - Ginnie: I suppose I just haven't needed to post my name so far, maybe one day... so keep reading the blog!
    -Abe: your pictures are always interesting, so I'll keep visiting! Thanks for dropping in.

  9. Hahaha I, myself, was an afterthought taggee hehehe though well mentioned in Rosemary's blog. That's awesome about the quilt though I love projects like that. i havent dont a quilt in years though.

  10. Well what can i say as it seems that everyone has pretty much said what i would say, Your amazing for writting that about yourself. two things we surely have in common is we are both scorpions,and red head well i don't have so much red hair anymore as i do use the Lady C now , I have one grandson that has the really really carrot top and the temper to go with it. He is seven and already has been kicked out of school on a few occassions )-: got that from my side of the family i guess. Thanks for the stop over on my blog and yes if that church could talk i am sure it would have many things and memories to share.

  11. I can beat you on the longevity of a quilting project. I have two quilts on the go. Both these quilts were started about 12 years ago. The quilts are quietly waiting for me to come back to them.

  12. I love cheese, too. Luckily I have full access to free cheese where I live!! Whoo-hooo! I will have to take a picture of tomorrow's cheese selection for you.

  13. I say only, that you have very lively brains! It was enjoyable to read your writing.
    A girl of our neighbor had a strongly red hair and I was so jealousy! When I was about twenty, I coloured my hair red by henna, perhaps two years I was coloured red hair girl!

  14. this may seem related to the post just above this one, but you, ex-shammickite, are a STITCH!! i specially love your comment on watching the monkeys while Armstrong was saying "that's a small step for mankind."

    i read somewhere not long ago that "they" say that relatively soon there will be NO MORE NATURAL REDHEADS.

  15. Interesting that you were at the Buffalo Zoo. My husband is from Buffalo (Hamburg, NY) and I lived there for 7 years. We moved back to my home in Illinois 11 years ago, but travel to Buffalo often. Have made many day trips to Toronto, a great city!


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