Monday, 4 February 2008


Okay, so this combative helmetted and padded and tight pants extravaganza has been going on for the past fortytwo years.... good excuse for a party! I'll never understand Football, even though the rules have been explained to me in great detail on numerous occasions. However, I'm always up for a family get-together, specially if it involves food, and someone else is doing the cooking.

This year, OlderSon opted out of serving the traditional Super Bowl Chili, and made SOUPer Bowl 42 Baked Potato Soup. YUM! Served with fresh bread, topped with green onions, real bacon bits and shredded cheddar cheese. Brilliant choice! And he baked the potato skins and served them with dip.... even more brilliant!

Then we settled down to watch the game.

Those Patriots were a bit too confident on victory and it didn't pay off. That last minute of the game took sooooo long to play. But the Giants proved that pride goes before a fall. We were all cheering for the underdogs, including Tessa who can indentify with underdogs!

Great party.... thanks everyone. Go Giants!
And in the unforgettable words of the Beatles............

Sorry, I still haven't figured out that video loading thingy... you'll have to click on it!


  1. Time to hand over the camera to someone else so your photo could be included in the photo collage!
    That soup sounds delicious!

  2. Hey, your soup-er bowl day sounds like lots of fun and quite yummy too. Isn't that what any celebration is and fun? Grandma time is getting closer I see.

  3. The potato soup sounds great I don't suppose there is any left I am kind of hungry. Sounds like you had a nice day with family and friends.

  4. Looking at that video, I am reminded of how back then, we all thought that The Beattles hair was Sooooo Long......LOL, LOL....Silly us! Little did we know what was to come in the future....!

    That last minute of the game had to be one of THE Most exciting minutes in Football History and The SuperBowl, too! Sounds like you all had a Blast! I want me some of those Potato Skins, Right Now!!! (lol)

    Thanks my dear for your dear comment.....I took some more pictures and Video today because it the sky was so Gorgeous...! Clear, Clean, with some BEAUTIFUL Painted looking clouds! The difference from one day to the next...AMAZING!
    I will probably post some of it on Wednesday!

  5. Looks like you all had a good time. We dont' do sports around here so it was a quite time for us. Son went to friends house to watch the game. He thinks we are squares.
    Soup also sounded good

  6. Was that tummy full of baked potato soup or something even more wonderful?

    When you come to Little Rock I want to show you around.

  7. The Super Bowl chilli sounds delicious.

    At our Super Bowl party, we had egg plant rolletini, vegetarian lasagna, mac&cheese and baby greens with walnut and goat cheese. Then we had brownies, cookies and an almond fruit pie.

    We ate all that food during the 2nd & 3rd quarters when the score stayed at 3-7 the whole time. And we watched the last quarter over coffee. Best game ever!!

  8. That soup sounds souper!
    Don't forget the birth could go over a couple of weeks!

  9. Great Post on the soup-er-bowl.

    Quick quiz2 now up.

  10. Another six days to before the REAL event!

    The recepie sounds very nice!

  11. Wow! you had quite a gathering there. Potato soup seems to be the flavour of the week. I keep coming across it in blogs the last few days, but yours sounds amazing because of the way your son then baked the skins and served them up with dip. That's one of my favourites. I don't know much about the Super Bowl, but I know it's a big event on the other side of the water. We do hear about it when there's a scandal, though.

  12. Commenting on my blog was certainly an act of kindness! Thanks and people like you who do something nice for someone every day are my inspiration :)

  13. Nice photos. Fun post.

  14. Now I can just about understand UK football, (soccer?) so I don't hold out much hope for understanding the football you mention! So much packaging they wear.... you know its gotta hurt!
    The soup sounds lovely!

  15. I've been having fun catching up on your posts...
    Like you, I don't care much for spectator sports, but love a family party, and yours looks like the perfect warm family gathering.
    You know the way you had that potato soup written in big red letters? I clicked madly on it hoping the recipe would pop up! Any chance of that ever happening? :)

  16. Hey there, yep, I thought it was time to play with all those templatey things and find a nice one for my blog!
    So, Eric had NO idea what pancake day was, or Ash Wednesday! But he never turns down "crepes" and had only ever had them with maple syrup and Canadian bacon (which, he quickly added, they just called 'bacon' at home!)
    He was utterly shocked and surprized with my jif-lemon/sugar pancakes and even more so when he tried Golden Syrup (" How come I've never had this stuff before?!") s it was all good! We're having more today for lunch with crab and rocket, it's really nice.

  17. great photos fen


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