Saturday, 6 December 2008

Return to the Blogosphere!

Some of you are wondering if I'm lost in a snowdrift. No... snow's not quite that high... YET! Another week or two, perhaps.

I've been back in The Great White North for a couple of weeks now, but haven't been feeling very communicative, due to reasons that I won't go into here. But Christmas is coming, and my family tells me that it's my turn to host Christmas dinner, so the planning has started.

I found this gem at the local Care and Share Thrift Shop... it has a counterweight (not shown) attached to the reindeer's tummy and just a gentle tap on the reindeer's hooves sets the sleigh in motion.
The reindeer nods his head, the toys bob precariously in the sleigh, the bells jingle and Santa's tummy jiggles in a very jolly manner.
I can't pass by without sending Santa rocking on his way with his sack of toys.


  1. Oh wow! Me and you both together. I too am hosting Christmas dinner! I am goiing for easy prepared stuff this year!Will have a Cava on the morning! That will get me smiling! LOL!

  2. Good to see you back, hope the dinner prep goes well.

  3. Welcome back. I sure missed you and was becoming a bit worried that Rook's Nest was going to be no more.
    Sometimes life just gets in the way and this blogging has to take a back seat...its ok.
    Yep, I do Christmas breakfast and a eating marathon all day plus supper.
    Christmas Eve is at daughter in law's home with the entire family (about 30) for a shared family feast and Santa's visit. Its the Norweigian Christmas tradition.
    Love your decoration. I think I would give it a nudge too.
    Have a good weekend and i hope someday you too can see the Golden Gate Bridge.

  4. I love that Santa. I was down in Sarasota the other day in a shop with imports from Europe, and there were several of those (not all Santas.) I'm quite taken with them, but not at the price that was on them.

    If you got yours at a thrift shop, you're fortunate.

  5. You are going to be busy! Please squeeze in blogging...

    No snow here--we had a few flakes but they melted before hitting the ground.
    It has looked the same for 3 weeks now, like it may snow any minute (grey) and then a blast of blue sky and sun (followed by more grey skies.)

  6. I found some nice ornaments at a thrift shop a few weeks ago--beats buying new junk from China, and they had lots of nice items.

  7. Very cool! Hmmm. I bet I know which shop you found this is. Too bad I didn't get there first!

  8. Thank you for telling me about coming back to the blogosphere, but especially about Callum`s news :)
    You will get very busy Christmas time also by looking after him, if he will start walking exercises ! Melli is walking and walking and falling down and again walking - - .And she tries to say every word after me and her parents "talking" and walking.
    Some kind of tiredness came on me, because I did not want any more see all things by thinking what kind of photo I could get about this or that! I did not take any photo even about Melli or other grandchildren during last week.
    It will be over before Christmas, I believe, but who knows !
    I want clean my computer and get all old photos organized, perhaps that`s a real reason for the photographing tiredness :)
    But I have also a plenty of doing for Christmas, which demands time.
    But I want to say to you, that I am happy about "knowing" you and Callum !

  9. Welcome home and back to bloggy land. Love love love the santa sleigh! Hope your hosting goes smoothly and a good time is had by all.

  10. Welcome back, love those types of decorations! They have such charm.

  11. This is an awesome find just in time for Christmas, too!

    I came via Merisi's blog.

  12. Welcome back to the blogsphere!

    I have been kinda busy here myself and all I do now is post a photo and go to bed.

  13. BTW, cool find at the Thrift store.

    My friends and I were just talking about getting a prelit Christmas tree this year. Am still debating on whether I want to do the Christmas decorations or not.

    I love Christmas but am too lazy to do all the decorating.

  14. I've missed you!! Seriously, i've been thinking of you daily. It's good to see you back, but take your time and blog as you get the gumption to. Everyone needs a bit of quiet solitude now and then. know that you've got a slew of friends near and far wishing you well. And it sounds like your wonderful Thrift Shop find is a definite smile maker!

  15. thats a wonderful find!

    i hope you are ok. taking a break is always ok.

    and hope all your preparations go well - its so close! i don't feel at all ready!

  16. Glad you made it home safe and sound and love the Santa!!

  17. wonderful santa & reindeer!! and welcome back!!

  18. I am glad to see you back. Missed you. I love your ornament.
    Good luck with the preps.

  19. What sweet comfort, sending Santa and his reindeer so effortlessly on their way! :-)

    Any idea yet what you are going to cook for Christmas dinner?

  20. Glad you are back safe and sound. Loved that santa - so cute! Christmas is just around the corner!

  21. Welcome back, Shammie. Santa looks like a fun toy to have around. Sending best thoughts your way.

  22. Back again - so am I! That's nice!

    Christmas up in the north will certainly be felt differently than if you were still in Florida.

    You really found a nice Santa!

  23. Glad you're back.

    I'd be one to give Santa a ride every time I passed by, too. MY WIFE gave me a silly little gift a few years back, one of the components of which was a button you pressed to hear "Jingle Bells". Until the unreplaceable battery finally gave out this year, I must have pushed that button (and heard "Jingle Bells") more than a thousand times, even during summer months.

  24. You found yourself a treasure, Sham. KEEP IT!

  25. Love the reindeer and sleigh!! Beautiful!! I'm not cook at all this year and I would really rather prefer too, shall we swop???


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