Wednesday, 17 December 2008

'Tis the Season...

I finally decided it was time to officially declare open season on Christmas by dragging the boxes that contain the tree and the decorations up from the basement storage cupboard.

The tree comes in three segments that fit into each other. Yes, I know, a real Christmas tree would be so much more authentic, filling the house with that lovely piney smell, but I got this plastic one half price on Boxing Day a couple of years ago, and, well, it's just so much more convenient. I'm definitely into less work and more convenience these days.

Next.... the lights. Thank goodness I took the time to wrap the wires round pieces of card last year before I put them away. I hate untangling strings of lights. As I said.... convenience.

Now to unpack the decorations. And the Christmas stockings. And look, there's even a box of Christmas crackers that I must have acquired on sale last year and forgotten about until now.

The finished product. Doesn't look too bad. Finally I'm feeling some of the Christmas spirit.
Next stop... I'm off to wrap some prezzies and bake some mince pies.
Update: I forgot to mention.... this is my 300th post! Many thanks to all you faithful bloggers who see fit to waste a couple of minutes of your precious time reading my assorted ramblings.


  1. Your experience is just like mine. My daughter help me put the thing together, and then it took me a while to get the lights on. Finally the decorations.

    I didn't put my tree up last year and missed it. Ella's coming on the first of January, so it's going to be up until she comes.

  2. The Christmas police will not allow an artificial tree on the premises. Therefore, we wait until the last possible moment to purchase a cut one, so that the price is as low as possible.

    Your tree, decorated and lit, is beautiful. I'm having Sargent L take a look at it. Perhaps that will convince her.

  3. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ... You did a great job, capturing the Christmas experience. Enjoy!

  4. I've got the three-part tree too, and it's pre-lit. Whee! Yours looks great. Merry merry.

  5. hey...that's a good-lookin' tree!!! so wot if it goes into a box afterwards instead of out to the curb for the trash pickup? you're saving energy...and what's wrong with saving your own energy first?

    enjoy the countdown to xmas!

  6. Hi, I'm all for making things as easy as possible at Christmas, we too have an artificial tree, its around 6ft tall so Sue has to get the steps out to dress it.Artificial or not your tree looks really welcoming and very seasonal, enjoy.

  7. Now Shammickite, I would never ever consider that reading your blog, or any blog for that matter is a waste of time at all. Time is precious, but taking the time to talk with one another is a joy in and of itself and so worth the time.

    Your Christmas tree looks lovely all lit up. I have to laugh at the first photo-it looks like someone tried to bandage it up. I am a fake Christmas tree all the way! Convenience? That is just one part, try saving money by not having to buy a very expensive tree each year. And authenticity? Looks pretty darned authentic to me. It is quite beautiful. Enjoy the holidays and CONGRATS on your 300th post! A feat indeed!

  8. i got a tree too. it is the first time i touch a tree!

  9. 300th post! Holy Schmoly! That's a lot of posts. Your tree looks beautiful! Ours (a real one) is up in its stand. The next step is to get the lights on and then the decorations. We do ours in stages. But - it does help bring in the Christmas spirit, doesn't it?

  10. Congratulations on 300 posts! Good for you, my dear...!
    And I think your tree looks BEAUTIFUL! All pretty and many pretty lights....You Did Good!
    I have never eaten a mince pie. Seem if it is NOT Chocolate, it's a Vegetable to!

  11. Lovely tree. They sell some fairly decent pine scent spray these days, if you really want the smell.

  12. Congratulations on the 300th post!

    As for me, I dread putting the decorations up and then taking them down again. It seems like a monumental drain of my time and energy. I would SO much rather put a tiny, little, pre-lit tree on top of a table by the window and have it all done with that. Instead, my family wants me to bring in all the boxes of sentimental junk from the rickety old shed. (Note to self: One of these days I'll have to fix those doors.) Maybe it's a guy-thing. I just don't care to sit around, decorating stuff.

    Hot chocolate with peppermint, a nostalgic movie, and send the kids off to bed early. That's what I'd rather be doing.

  13. Your tree is beautiful! I've had an artificial tree for about ten years now and been very happy with it. I'm thinking of passing it off to my Daughter and getting a smaller one though.
    Congratulations on hree hundred posts! What a milestone! And as a devoted reader, I'd like to add.."and many more...":)
    Merry Christmas!

  14. Congrats on your 300th post! I've enjoyed every moment!!

    Your tree is absolutely beautiful and I'm glad to hear that it's bringing some Christmas cheer to your part of the world. xoxo

  15. Congrats o your 300th post!

    And good for you for dragging your tree and all the fixings up from the basement. ;-)

  16. congrats on your 300th!!!

    lovely tree
    and aren't there always crackers left over from the year before??

  17. Wow - that's a nice tree. And congrtas on the 300th post - I think your site is very interesting.

    You made a comment on my blog and asked about the knitted scarf my cousin made me. Here is her response regarding sharing that pattern:
    " aridice said...
    Hi Cuz!
    That scarf sure does look nice!! I need to make one for myself now!!!

    Here's the link to the Celtic Braid pattern. All I did was add a seed stitch border (start with 5 rows of seed stitch then 5 sts on each side of the pattern)
    Thanks for braggin' on me!!! LOL


    I hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful Christmas if I don't get to log on to the blogs again next week.

  18. Nice looking tree when it's all decked out. :)

    I always get a real one and just put it up yesterday. Today will be decorating day. I usually deputize my guys to do the actual work while I sit nearby, sipping something, and pointing out what they should do next.

    Hope you have a great one. :)

  19. Congratulations on 300, Sham. That's a great accomplishment, I know!

    And you are so right...the older we get, it's ALL about convenience. Both of our trees are "fake." But they sure dress up well. :)

  20. Ha-ha ... I'm like that and my tree's like that. It looks glorious

  21. Great tree. Ours is artificial too. No more alergies and coughs since we got it. Aren't the lights a bear? The rest is fun and full of walks down memory lane.

  22. Oops, I meant to say congratulations on your 300th post. It also isn't a waste of my time to come here. I enjoy it completely.

  23. Looks pretty wonderful to me. Congrats on your 300th.. and have a great Christmas. :)

  24. Bravo for the 300!!

    I must admit I'm rather against the plastic version, but I must also admit the the result, when you were ready, looks really good!


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