Monday, 8 December 2008

Santa Claus Parade

The fabled Santa Claus himself came to our town on Saturday, and he brought cold snowy weather and grey skies with him. But that's exactly what you would expect as he came straight from his home at the North Pole.

But the kids along the parade route didn't mind the cold... they were well bundled up and eagerly looking forward to seeing Santa!

The parade started at 2:00 pm at the far end of Main Street. By the time the floats got to my end of town around 3:00 pm, the participants were looking decidedly chilly.

But the bands kept marching regardless of the weather. Here are the Air Cadets......

.... and the Shriners. Usually if there's a band approaching in a parade, they play until they get close to me, then the tune ends, they march in silence past me, and then start to play again once they are safely past!

Not this time! The Uxbridge Pipe Band played a rousing rendition of "Jingle Bells" right in front of me!
I bet their knees were cold.
More of the Parade tomorrow.


  1. by this time their knees have no feeling whatsoever.

    i would hate to play a brass instrument in cold weather,

    wow my word verif. is "bugpip" i don't know why that made me write "wow"

  2. Delightful pictures. They do make me cold looking at them though. I love the little kids with their too big hats askew on their heads.
    Its really difficult to march and play when the temps. are freezing. I did that in High School when we marched in JFK's inaugeration parade. The drum skins cracked and the clarinet reeds split, plus our noses ran and our toes froze. What a memory!!
    I wouldn't trade it for anything though.

  3. What a great reason for a parade! Just love the first picture of the kids waiting to see Santa! Those expressions are priceless.

  4. Nice pics. I really don't relish standing out in the cold, but I'm glad you did - so we could enjoy the pics! I love the marching bands and I'm sure the pipers played well - cold knees and all.

  5. I was going to say the children did not look as though they minded the cold, but you beat me to it. They look so enthralled!

  6. What's that stuff on the road in all those photos?

    Wordpress allow a Christmas theme on the blogs until 5 Jan. Far more appropriate for your blog!

  7. I wonder if those were the same pipers that marched through Mount Albert. Saturday sure was a frigid day! If your parade lasted an hour it was twice as long as ours, LOL

  8. We had a parade on Saturday, with a local HS marching band, Eagle Scouts, dogs needing adoption. But not Santa!

    My verification is sessesse!

  9. love these xmas parades when i can sit here in my pjs and see the best of a great local one on your blog.

    the air cadets and the shriners looked lots colder than the pipers, eh?

  10. Ooh, it must be horrible playing a brass instrument in really cold weather. The metal must occasionally stick to your lips and all. Ouch.

  11. Ouch, nevermind the knees... I'll bet their fingers were painfully frozen. How many participants do you suppose finished the parade with the words, "never again?"

    I hope the parade watchers made them feel good about doing it.

  12. In that last pict, I'm not sure it was their knees that were suff'rin from the cold ;)

  13. I'm so glad you're back safe and sound and thanks for taking me to your Christmas parade as I missed ours this year. We never have bare kneed bagpipers so I'm thinking yours was best anyway:)

  14. um...pardon me for hem...rude...but how strict are those bagpippers on their rules of going commando under their kilts? It looks sooo cold, I can't imagine if they are actually not wearing anything under there!

    Anyway...i hope the thot made you giggle.


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