Monday, 23 February 2009

Party Hearty!

It was Party Central at OlderSon's house on Sunday. An assortment of uncles, aunts, cousins and grandparents, including one great-uncle and one great-aunt, battled their way through the snow flurries to help celebrate Callum's first birthday.

The Equestrienne created a splendid train cake.
The tracks were made of black liquorice and coffee stir stix.
The windows were Smarties.
The wheels were chocolate cookies.
And the cargo was marshmallows.

His cousins showed him how to blow the candle out and then it was time to EAT!

Once the prezzies are all opened, you can have so much fun tearing up the wrapping paper.

And of course, wearing a SuperMan cape gives you extra SuperBaby strength and energy to party till you drop. Which he did..... eventually! That boy is a true Party Animal!!! He's already looking forward to next year.


  1. Hi,
    Looks like a great time was had by all. I just wonder where Callum inherits his like for parties and food from!!!!.

  2. Happy Birthday Callum! Can you believe he's a year already! What a sweetheart. Looks like he had a great time. I like that cake. Hmmmm - gives me some ideas.

  3. Mummy did a great job on the cake. We have two that will be four soon, and a baby due in 9 days.
    I think grandkids are the best..!

  4. Good looking cake. I could eat a couple of freight cars right about now.

  5. Oh what an adorable boy Callum is! sweeeeeet!

    I'm so onto those train tracks! nom nom nom....

  6. Just adorable! Looks like a great time as first birthdays ought to be.

  7. Wow! He's a whole year old! Happy Birthday to Callum. I love the superman cape, and it looks like he really enjoyed his cake.

  8. Oh what a fun time....I have photos of my first grandson sampling the cake too!

  9. What a great party! He's growing up so fast, can you believe it? And so handsome, too! Great cake, too, I'm jealous, I wish I had cake decorating abilities.

  10. How nice of the equestrian to bake the young Superman a train cake. I bet he enjoyed it!

  11. Love your little Superman. It looks like you had a spectacular party for Callum. Its the thing memories are mad of.
    Oh yes, that cake is so cute. What a wonderful idea.

  12. His first year seems to have gone so quickly!
    Sorry I haven't been around, but seem to have been suffering from mid-winter apathy!
    I had six days with Maalie in Austria in February (brrrr) which was fun, but haven't seemed able to get my arse into gear to write about it!
    Anyway, this time next week I am off to Japan to see my little grandson for a couple of weeks.
    Will try to get something up before then.
    Callum is gorgeous in his superman outfit and what a clever mum to make that cake!

  13. Oh my gosh, what a cake!!!!!! That must have taken hours!

  14. How fun!!! I like that concept of the train cake. What a joyous celebration!

  15. You will NEVER NEVER be able to love him too much, Sham. He is well on his way to being one of the most-loved g'sons on the planet. I have the other one! :)


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