Friday, 26 June 2009


St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church at the corner of Toronto's King and Simcoe Streets opened for worship in 1876.

The other three corners of the intersection held Government House, Upper Canada College, and a popular tavern.

The four corners were known as Legislation, Education, Damnation and Salvation.

St. Andrew's is surrounded by modern buildings now. To the far right is Metro Hall, and the curved silver roof visible just right of the church is Roy Thomson Hall, home to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Government House and Upper Canada College no longer exist at this location, but there are still plenty of taverns. This is the heart of Toronto's downtown theatre district.

On the utility pole just to the right of the church, you'll see a poster advertising "The Sound of Music" currently on stage at the Princess of Wales Theatre.
That's where I was headed when I took this shot.


  1. Lovely old building. I am especially enamored of older edifices. Thanks for the look at this one.

  2. Neat shot. Hoe was the Sound of Music?

    To answer your question on my blog, a skipper is a kind of butterfly. ;-)

  3. heehee, that's funny, the names of the 4 corners.

    You'll let us know how the Sound of Music was, yes?

    And indubitably, there is plenty of room for you to come visit!

  4. Great to hear that "The Sound Of Music" is still doing the rounds, it was a great show, nice photo and description.

  5. This is a funny post. Nice photo of a beautiful church. But the best part are the names.

    Have a great day and thank you for coming by Ocala DP!


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