Friday, 6 November 2009

Oh, the Good Old Hockey Game...

Last week I celebrated another Birthday, and OlderSon took me out for a special Birthday treat... a trip to the ACC to see the Toronto Maple Leafs play the Tampa Bay Lightning.

For any ardent ice hockey fans out there, here's the game recap.

Carlton invited me into his den. He's called Carlton 'cos the previous home of the once-mighty Leafs, Maple Leaf Gardens, is on Carlton Street in Toronto.

And the Toronto Raptors play at the ACC too, so I had to visit the Raptors mascot... who unfortunately seems to be nameless.

Before the game, the singing of O Canada, with the fans breaking into loud and enthusiastic cheering halfway through the anthem. Oh yes, they sang The Star Spangled Banner too... almost forgot.

The ACC even has it's own micro-brewery in the building, and there's nothing like raising a glass of brewski to toast the success of the home team while the Zamboni clears the ice between periods. Unfortunately, the Leafs have only won one game so far this season, and there hasn't been a Stanley Cup win since the 1966/67 season! But the fans keep coming to the games faithfully, always hoping that this year will be the year.....

Ten seconds to go at the end of the third period and it's a 1-1 tie. Looks like we're heading for sudden death overtime.

But Leafs lose again! A couple of minutes into the overtime, the Lightning scores!

Even though our team lost (again!! Grrrrr..) , it was a good game. Leafs outshot the Lightning and there were lots of exciting plays, and Leafs introduced their newest player, Phil Kessel, who is expected to be the team's saviour this season. Maybe they'll win the next game.... keep your fingers crossed!


  1. Happy belated birthday Shammie. Doing things with the family and what is your passion is my favorite kind of B. present.

  2. Happy birthday. I see you played our team from Tampa Bay. The only time I've watched hockey was when Tampa Bay was in the playoffs for the Stanley Cup (it is the Stanley Cup, isn't it?) It's one sport that I know very little, well almost nothing about.

    Thanks for all your visits. I'm afraid I haven't been very good at visiting and commenting lately.

  3. Happy birhday, Shammy. Rock on Baby Boomers!

  4. hey, happy b'day! i'm aghast that the leafs have not won a stanley cup for more than 40 years! whatever could be the matter? i suggest they STOP playing the singing the SSB at once! no quarter for the opposition!!

  5. Happy Birthday Ms. Shammi. Sounds like you had a great time regardless of the outcome. Being a Bruin fan, I haven't much to say about the poor Leafies. Considering Kessel is a Bruin hand me down. However, they are still an underdog favourite of mine. And just a small correction, the Leafs last won the Cup in 1967. However, they are the first team to plan a party at the outset of the season. Oh, I am a bad boy though!

  6. Belated Happy Birthday Shammy! Cool photos! I always wanted to try ice hockey but I need to hone my skills in ice skating as well heheheh

  7. Belated Happy Birthday to you, Shammie. :)

    Thanks for bringing us along to your hockey game. I haven't been to a game since I was about 16 - back when I lived in Montreal and like Bogey, I was a huge Bruins' fan.. based mostly on how many good-looking players they had back then. ;)

    Fun post with your birds-eye perspective.

    Oh and the mascot is officially named The Raptor.

  8. My lil' cousin is playing for Dallas now and I believe beat your Leafs about a week ago!

  9. And happy Bday! How fun to see a hockey game...

  10. Since I left Sweden, I hardly follow the hockey. Still a few Swedes around?

  11. Belated Birthday greetings!
    The last time the Leafs won the Cup was the year I came to Canada, so maybe it is my fault!
    One year I went back to the UK and they were in the play offs, so there might be something to my theory.
    Glad you had a good time.

  12. Happy Birthday to you!!! Looks like you had a wonderful day, was thoroughly spoiled by your family.

  13. going to a pro hockey game in canada is on my bucket list. weird, huh?

    Happy birthday!! I'd love to whip up something a little crafty for you but i need your address. can ya email it to me? Give me a good reason to craft, heehee!

  14. Amy's husband played hockey in college (USC), Sham, so I hear a lot about it. He and Amy have gone to several of our Atlanta Thrasher's games the last 3 years. I love all kinds of sports, so I'm sure if I had the chance I'd get into this one. Football is still my favorite!!

  15. Hope you had a wonderful birthday....and it looks like you did.

  16. When I first started following hockey, the Leafs were a powerhouse. That was in the 60's, of course. I'd love to see them do well again. I'm a Bruins fan, coming from Boston and all, but I've always had a soft spot for Toronto; sort of my secondary rooting interest. I think it's memories of Terry Sawchuk (I've always been a big fan of goalies, having often played the position myself.)

  17. That's a menacing pose, isn't it? I mean, you're shaking your fist at me. Sure, you're smiling, but that could mean how much you'd like to punch my lights out.

    Oh, nevermind... you're holding the strap of your bag. That is not nearly as threatening. :-)

  18. hi shammie - I've just seen your question about wool, over at Niddy Noddy. Sorry - its probably been there for some time! anyway, I've posted an answer with some suggestions...


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