Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Red Sky at Night.... Sailor's Delight

Ahhh... that's better! A little cooler yesterday and today. A welcome reprieve from this summer's endless high humidity and heat.

And yesterday evening.....

.... this fiery sunset lit up the sky! The promise of another lovely day in store.


  1. Wonderful image, Fenella!
    Even we have had a record summer of heat, now it`s over and last night we had 4 Celsius / 30Fahrenheit !
    the chance was dramatic after 37,7C/99,5 F.
    Greetings from Melli and Mikael, I am with them few days in their new home.
    Melli started in a new children`s group without mom, children are there playing 2 hours and it was very cheerful two hours in Melli`s opinion, but it made tears in her mom`s eyes, when Melli just was saying happily "bye, bye mom"!
    Melli was 3 27th July :)

    I wish, that your weather will be cooler but not quite so dramatically as ours !

  2. Nice pic. Not looking forward to our summer though.

  3. Wow, that is a stunning sunset! I'm glad that it's been a bit cooler for you. We were in San Francisco again today and it was sunny! But by evening that cold wind and fog was back.
    If you can't find somewhere to live if your house sells, you could always come visit me in San Francisco! :D

  4. Lucky you to capture that sunset. I was in a meeting and withOUT my camera! But I did see the sunset. :)

  5. That looks like the same colors from my tie-dye shirt.

  6. That's a lovely photo and kind of romantic as well. Loves it!

  7. Purely beautiful. It pays to remember that all one has to do, to be entertained on any given day, is watch the sky.

  8. Oh that's a beautiful sunset. I haven't seen a good sunset here for years !!

  9. beautiful! your reward for hanging on until august works its strange magic and the nights cool off!


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