Sunday, 22 August 2010

Petty Harbour

More pictures of Newfoundland.... just because it's so pretty.
The town of Petty Harbour (and it's neighbour Maddox Cove) has been occupied since at least 1598.
We stopped at the only cafe looking for some refreshment on a hot afternoon.

OlderSon and I had stopped there a few years ago and asked if they served coffee.

" Right away, my dears, just take a seat and I'll bring two coffees over to you".

We sat at a booth by the window and enjoyed the tranquil scene of fishing boats in the harbour.

There was the sound of conversation and a kettle boiling in a back room, and then a tray arrived.

Two fancy china cups of hot water, two teaspoons, a sugar bowl and a jar of instant Nescafe!

"There you are, my dears, make it as strong as you like!"

Times have changed since my last visit to Petty Harbour. The booths have gone now, the windows have been boarded up to make room for shelves and the little cafe has turned into a tiny grocery store selling everything a Petty Harbour resident could possibly need. And there's one of those fancy coffee machines, where you choose a little container of flavoured coffee, press a button, WOOOSH! and magically, coffee dribbles into a paper cup. Such is progress.

We settled for icecream instead.


  1. Love those coffee machines! Our local Home Hardware has one. :)

  2. Did you take that much coffee that it put them out of business?

    Lovely photos.

  3. All over Ireland we got instant coffee. In Italy....the real stuff. Love the photos. Any word on your house sale? Did the deal go through? Looking for new digs?

  4. looks and sounds idyllic...more so with the nescafe in teacups but even with the coffee machine-though the paper cups are so much more impersonal. I would have also went with the ice cream over the coffee machine.
    PS: we're overlapping SF with our current place for the month of Sept because we didn't realize we'd find a place this quickly. We get the keys on Sept 1st but technically we're not out of San Jose till Sept 30th. How are things on your end of the house selling?

  5. Such a charming looking place...Though it is sad that the Cafe is no longer what it was. 'Progress', indeed....

    Lovely Lovely Harbor!

  6. Progress is not always progress! But a nice coffe machine is at least better than spoons of coffee in hot water. ... at least you can enjoy the beauty of the place; I believe that's the essential here!

  7. You're selling your house?! Where are you going to live? Newfoundland??

  8. Looks lovely. And I do like to be beside the seaside!

  9. The stories you can tell would probably fill a book, Sham. This is a good one. :)

  10. hey: thanks for visiting my blog recently and I thought I'd pop by and say hello. We are fellow Brits living in Ontario I see.
    you have some lovely photos.

  11. Too funny. I like the quaintness of the place. That certainly wouldn't happen in our so called "sophisticated" restaurant.
    I like the waitress' attitude.
    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful place.

  12. Newfoundland sounds lovely! Would love to go there some day. Beautiful photos and the harbor is gorgeous! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for trying my recipes.

  13. In Norway for breakfast many hotels had machines for coffee. You could choose coffee, expresso, cappucino, latte, etc. I was hesitant but it was really good – much better than some fresh coffee I have had around here.

  14. Not a coffee drinker (not allowed for health reasons) but I liked the account of your first (1958) visit in contrast to your more recent visit. It's a pity how easy we get from 'Paradise Found' to 'Paradise Lost' as the world becomes more 'discovered'. I no longer tell others of my 'secret places' - I'm being selfish and keeping them secluded as long as I can, tho' I do welcome others who find them by accident!


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