Saturday, 26 February 2011

Three At Last!

When you're little, it seems to take forever for another birthday to arrive, but last week Callum celebrated being THREE!

OlderSon and The Equestrienne booked a birthday party at the local 5-pin bowling alley (YAY! Glow In The Dark Bowling) but it turned out to be a brutal weather day with high winds, blowing snow and freezing temperatures, and not all the birthday guests could brave the roads to join in the Glow In The Dark fun.

Oh well, bad weather's to be expected in Canada for a February birthday. Perhaps Callum should celebrate an official birthday in June, like the Queen.

The Equestrienne created yet another work of art in the form of a scrumptious birthday cake. Cakes 1 and 2 were a train and a car. All forms of transport, I wonder what next year will be? I'm told that the big C on the tail stands for CallumAir.

He did a great job of blowing out the candles.

And then he ate one of the wings. And then it was prezzie time.

Like all little big boys, Callum's really into Matchbox cars. But he also got a toy kitchen complete with pots and pans and vegetables and pies, and has been having fun cooking dinners with it ever since.

Life's pretty good when you're THREE!


  1. One blink and they're 6, another blink and they're married. Young Muppet had a birthday at a bowling alley but I've never seen the glowing ones before.

  2. Happy birthday to Callum. It is indeed amazing how fast time flies. Three, oh my. What a fun year it should be.

    My dear Ella will be five in August. I can hardly believe that.

  3. Shammie, he's just adorable. I can't believe he's already 3! My older son used to love cooking toys at that age too.. and he cooks wonderful meals now that he's in his 20s.

  4. So adorable and sweet...!
    A HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR CALLUM.....Nothing like being 3 years old!
    I remember when we were all awaiting your birth...and now you are three years old! (How did that happen?)
    It looks like your special day was WONDERFUL, in spite of the bad weather!

  5. Hard to believe it's been three years since he made his debut.
    What a handsome chap, and the cake looks good too!

  6. A Happy Birthday to lovely Callum!
    He looks so beautiful!
    Congratulations to all the family!

  7. OMG. 3 already. How I remember these milestones, Sham! Talk about a darn-tootin' adorable fella!

  8. Its hard to believe he's three already. Happy Birthday. What a wonderful cake for the party.
    I remember playing restaurant with my granddaughters and having them "cook" me the most delightful meals.

  9. 3 already?!! I get a kick out of those extreme weather days. People come in as if they've just scaled Mount Everest, when in fact, they've only got a short walk from their cars. But I'm guilty, too.

    Happy birthday, young Callum!

  10. he looks like a typical three year old full of wonder and maybe just a little mischief!!!

    I agree with dogbait, one minute they are tiny, next minute they are all grown up.



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