Friday, 27 January 2012

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I had a new experience last week. I accompanied my friend G to Depression Ink. And what's Depression Ink, you are probably wondering?

It's the local Tattoo parlour.

G has always wanted to get a tattoo, and as she is a volunteer host at our local FM radio station, this was an ideal opportunity as the whole process was being recorded for her radio show. I was there as moral support and chief handholder, although she didn't really need much hand holding.

First step - she chose a dragon, for various reasons. The Chinese Year of the Dragon has just started, and when younger, she had a nickname of "The Dragon Lady"! The outline of the image was transferred onto her arm.
Next - choose the colours to be used.
The tattoo artist, Kris, wasted no time to get started. He was friendly and very gentle and put us all at ease right away. First the design was outlined in black, and then colour was added. All the needles are pre-packaged, and there's no possibilty of re-use. Once the tattoo needles are used, they are disposed of. G was very brave through the whole procedure, although I'm not sure if this was a smile or a grimace!
It didn't take long before the outline was completed and the first colour could be applied.
We were there for about 90 minutes. Here's the final product. The arm looks a bit red and sore, and Kris said it would take at least a couple of weeks to heal. G was sent home with strict instructions for care and keeping it clean, and a tube of antiseptic cream to keep the skin soft. She couldn't wait to get home and show her grandchildren!
People with tattoos usually get a bad rap. Kris was wearing a ton of metal and was quite decorated... well, the bits we could see anyway. I'm sure there were many more bits of Kris that were not available for public view. He was an interesting guy.... easy to chat to and he told us a lot about his experiences in the tattoo shop. Here are his hands ( photo from Depression Ink website).
Tattoos are not just for tough guy bikers and sailors any more. Even respectable grandmothers in their middle 60s can get tattoos these days. So now you're wondering.... when am I getting my tattoo? Hmmm.... still thinking about it......
Have you got a tattoo?


  1. She is BRAVE !!!
    No, I don't have a Tatoo, though I have thought about a Little Heart or a Little Rose in past years---but, obviously I didn't want it badly enough to do anything about it.....! I don't think I could stand the pain of it...!

  2. What does "Darkarts" mean? LOL!

  3. Oh your friend was brave. As for tattoos, no I'll be leaving that for others, although I do admire how these 'different' artists can create designs. On another note I see it is nearly a grand child's Birthday!

  4. :)
    I think my wrinkles and other coming changing in my skin are enough for admire ;)
    We have here today sunny frost day and thick white frost in the trees - very, very wonderful to see.
    Greetings to you and yours!

  5. I've never been a fan of tattoos but live and let live!

    PS My word verification is "horid", I kid you not.

  6. I’d love to go and watch the Chinese New Year where there is a large Chinese community. I am a dragon. There are four types of dragons, earth fire, etc. I am the metal dragon which is twice as strong they say. In addition I am an Aries so I guess that’s why I am so stubborn.
    Since I read an article about the Iles Marquises near Tahiti I’d like to have a tattoo around my wrist, like a bracelet but with the symbolic meanings they have over there. It does not look like I’ll be going to the Marquises soon, so I better find a tattoo parlor here, but I don’t know how to find one that knows the symbols.

  7. I'm with Leena. My wrinkles and "excess baggage" would not do any tattoo justice. Besides I'm a wimp.
    Great photos of the process though.

  8. I don't have any 'ink' nor do I plan to get any, but I can and often do admire it on others.
    I remember many years ago the comedian Orson Bean, (on the Johnny Carson show) saying that when his wife was younger she had a rose bud tattooed on her breast. But, he said, that was many years ago, and now it is a long stemmed rose..!

  9. Dragon looks awesome! A real work of art.
    Yes, your friend is brave. I don't want a tattoo, but will admire them on others.

  10. Funny that you should ask, Sham. :) I don't have a tattoo yet but if/when I do, it will be a Dutch windmill. The question would be where would I want it on my body? :)

  11. Oh no, it is definitely not on my list of things to do. I do not like needles. Your friend is a very brave lady and so are you for being abel to watch - I couldn't even do that!

  12. I don't think a tattoo fits my personality but I don't mind them on other people. In fact, I often like long as the person doesn't have too many!

  13. I like the expression of tattoos as a personal artform. I won't get one, but if I did, I know exactly what I'd have done, but I don't know where I'd put it. So it's a good thing I won't ever get one. LOL.

    What are you gonna get? You should go for it! As I told my cousin just a couple of hours ago: Sieze the Day!

  14. The tattoo looks nice Saun. I'm not sure about on younger women though. Imagine what it would look like when they get older and their skin stretches or wrinkles! I shudder to think! :-) My Dad got an army tattoo during the second world war. It was of the army emblem and looked OK on his forearm - Dave

  15. I have no desire whatever for a tattoo but I do like your friend's dragon. Tattoo are definitely the 'in' thing these days, nearly every footballer and cricketer you see is covered in them.

  16. No, no ink for me. I came close when I was in my teens. All of us in the same heavy metal band at that time were thinking of having our logo (which I designed) tatooed onto our calves. It didn't happen, though, and good thing as the band broke up a few months later.


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