Friday, 13 January 2012

The Wee Beastie

Let me tell you, it's hard work creating an interesting blog post every other day through the month of January. I'm glad I didn't commit to posting daily!
But here's something you don't see every day........ Haggis!

At the moment 25 pounds of yummy Haggis is sitting in a cooler in my garage, waiting to be popped in my oven to be served at tomorrow's Robbie Burns Night dinner.
Yes, I know..... you're going to say that Robbie Burns Night isn't until January 25th. We know that. We just like to celebrate a few days early.... when the Haggis harvest is nice and fresh.

And today was spent preparing the traditional "Tatties and neeps" to accompany the Haggis... that's mashed potatoes and mashed turnips to you Sassenachs.... well, actually I'm a Sassenach too, but don't tell anyone.
There'll be roast beef and horseradish too, and peas and gravy, and cake and Scottish shortbread for dessert.... and then the entertainment. Come back in a couple of days for pictures.


  1. Looks like it will be quite a feast all those veggies and shortbread yum...(not keen on haggis though)so I'll skip popping over to join in!

  2. I think, from everything I've ever heard, HAGGIS is definitely an acquired taste---unless you were brought up with it....In all honesty, when people describe it---well, let's just say, it makes me rather! sounds like you are going to have quite a marvelous celebration!
    ENJOY, ENJOY, My Dear! And I look forward to the pictures of the party....! HAPPY ROBBIE BURNS DAY!

  3. Happy Robbie Burns Day! Save me some roast beef and horseradish, but you can enjoy the haggis without me. :)

  4. When we lived one year near Aberdeen Scotland, we got to taste haggis :) I remember it very clearly.
    I think it is almost as strange at first as my rye bread was to our neighbour`s lady, when she got to taste my bread - she ran outside for obvious reasons :)
    Nice Scottish days to you!

  5. i had no idea that haggis looks just like roasted potatoes.

  6. Sorry, but the Haggis looks a bit IF-ie to me. Not sure if I would like it or not.
    I know your celebration will be wonderful. Looking forward to the pictures.
    Happy Robbie Burns Day to you.

  7. Surely Haggis tastes better than what it looks.

  8. I bet the celebration will be tons of fun!

  9. Just neeps and tatties for me please, and perhaps a little roast beef.
    Have a great Burns night..

  10. Your Haggis look to me like a French « boudin » but I don’t know if the taste is similar. I’d like to try.

  11. If I give you my helping of haggis can I have your helping of something else??? :)

  12. Yum (except for the haggis, which I've never tried, but it actually looks like it might be delicious, contrary to everything I've ever thought of it.) Now, that would be REAL turnip, correct? The big golden ones with the purple top, which some folks like to call rutabaga? Not the wimpy little white-fleshed variety, right?

  13. I've heard so much about haggis (on the FoodTV channel) and would love to try it some day.

    When I lived in NYC, I used to go to the neighborhood Irish pub for breakfast/brunch where they serve red and white pudding. Yum!

    I assume haggis tastes somewhat like the Irish pudding, right?


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