Saturday, 2 November 2013

Ashley MacIsaac

I have mentioned that I volunteer at the local theatre..... and yesterday I was taking tickets and showing people to their seats for a concert by Canadian fiddler Ashley MacIsaac.
Never heard of him?
He's a Cape Breton fiddler who started his career about 20 years ago and quickly became the notorious bad boy of the Canadian music scene with his outrageous behaviour, his brush with cocaine addiction and eventual bankruptcy. But he's back performing concerts and he's truly amazing.... sold out theatre and two standing ovations.

I sold CDs for him at the intermission and after the show. He signed my well used copy of the first (and best IMHO!) CD he ever made (20 years ago), and gave me copies of his 2 most recent CDs. I'll be playing them today. A great evening.


  1. He's a lot more sedate in these later years. Aren't we all?

  2. The second piece in the first video is just beautiful. I loved watching the kid on guitar also.

  3. I really enjoyed watching the videos and listening to McIsaac. Now I have to find his CDs! I love that type of music – when we were in Newfoundland I bought several CDs of this type of music and listen to them often.

  4. That second song on the first video is really lovely....! I was not familiar with him, at all....!
    Thanks so much, my dear.

  5. Lucky, lucky you! He certainly knows how to entertain an audience.

  6. Sounds great to be a volunteer at the local theatre!
    Thanks for introduce Ashley MacIsaac to me. I never heard of him before...


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