Thursday, 23 June 2016

Garden Art

As summer is here, and the gardens are looking lovely, the art group had a garden and flower workshop. A local gardener, Carol, arrived dressed in her gardening clothes, and brought an assortment of her gardening hats, garden tools, flower pots, flowers, and posed for us.
My quick sketches of Carol needed a bit of help, so I added coloured pencil (a whole box of them left over from my sons' school days).

Then it was time for some sketches of flowers. I used to enjoy drawing and painting flowers many years ago when I was at school but haven't done any since.

Sketched in my sketchbook in light pencil, then inked and the pencil erased and coloured later with watercolor.
White geranium, proper name is Pelargonium or so the people in the Canadian Pelargonium Society tell me. Sketched in my sketchbook in pencil and then inked, and coloured with coloured pencils
I liked the white geranium so much I decided to try painting it. This is acrylic on masonite, 9"x12". I just bought a new tube of Quin Magenta so that's the lovely deep pinky red that you see in the background. Still some more work to do on this.


  1. Well, I'm impressed. You artistic skills are excellent. You've not forgotten how to draw and paint flowers, either!

  2. Colour me impressed.
    Very impressed.

  3. Such beautiful work. Love it. Great job.

  4. Oh yeah! I agree with Lowell, you have a natural talent, how lucky you are! Happy weekend Shammi!

  5. Hello,Shammic,
    Such lovely work! Very sensitive and sophisticated.I am impressed!
    You were so lucky to have some wonderful models for your painting. I often look for some models for my photography, but it is not easy.
    Have a happy week!

  6. You're quite talented. I really like the Carol one.

  7. You're so talented! Love all of them!

  8. I am very impressed with your artistry.
    Wish I could do that.


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