Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Portrait Gallery

The local Art Gallery currently has an exhibition of portraits in various mediums and by various painters, and last week a group of artists who are collectively known as "Painters 6" gave a public demonstration of the art of portrait painting.
My friend Ray was the victim... er I mean sitter. He sat there for 3 hours.... yes he had breaks, but that's such a hard thing to do!
Painting began at 5:00pm with a blank canvas and finished at around 8:00pm. Unfortunately I wasn't there to see the finished pieces. These pics were about halfway through the evening.


  1. Lots of talent there.
    I hope your surgery went well. Really well.

  2. His back must still be strong.

  3. Wow! Impressive work.

    Hope you are getting over the surgery by now and on your way to healing. Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery your way...

  4. Wonderful post. The model has to be patient for the painters as well!!

  5. Lots of talent there.
    Hope you are all fixed up with a new hip and dancing the night away.

  6. Wonderful artists - I so admire portrait artists and how they can convey the sitter.

  7. I used to do life drawing classes when I did my degree in art, all the models I drew were naked, unfortunately! Ha.

  8. Dear friend, I hope your surgery went very well!!

    Just amazing to see these pictures of the group of artists and the demonstration of the art of portrait painting!
    My congratulations to your friend Ray!


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