Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Evil Eye

This handsome gentleman was strutting about in the grounds of Toronto Zoo. I was walking by, minding my own business, and he started raising his tail feathers (properly called a "train"). I'm not sure if he was feeling aggressive, or perhaps feeling amorous, or possibly just showing off. I stayed well out of his way. But close enough to take a few pictures.

In some cultures, the peacock is honoured as the bringer of good fortune, and sometimes associated with royalty and glory. The "eye" is reputed to ward off evil spirits. The iridescent feathers are often used in jewellery and ornaments, and are associated with purity and pride.

My mum's opinions about peacock feathers were completely the opposite. She would never allow a peacock feather in the house. It was OK to have a peacock feather in the garden but woe betide anyone who dared to bring a peacock feather home. It was the "evil eye" on the feather, the bringer of bad luck. And not only simple bad luck.... misfortune, illness and even death. So, no peacock feathers ever crossed our doorstep. And I know it's only a superstition, but there are no peacock feathers in my house either! Just staying on the safe side.

And I had no idea that peacocks had such cute fluffy bottoms.


  1. Great photos of the peacock, especially the fluffy bum which one never sees because of the showy feathers.

    The superstitions surrounding those feathers are so interesting. I had not heard any of them because I didn't grow up with the birds in Newfoundland.

    Great Post!

  2. It's a lot of energy to expend to attract a lady. :)

  3. Well, this guy didn't scare you at all! You stood your ground, made him perk up and got some gorgeous shots. They are really quite beautiful but can be a bit aggressive. Kind of like Canadian geese! :) Love the fluffy shot!

  4. Handsome indeed! Your photos are gorgeous! Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

  5. Wow! You took gorgeous photos!

    I had not heard about this superstition about peacock feathers...

    Wishing you and yours a lovely weekend. :)

  6. My neighbor has a few. They are strange but beautiful creatures. He say they make good "guardians">>>

  7. What a gorgeous dress of beautiful colors, laces, and embroideries! I can understand why they want to show off. I feel like that I’m watched by many eyes. Your photos are awesome.


  8. Their bottoms are adorable!


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