Friday, 30 September 2016

High and Dry

Someone pulled the plug of the swimming hole. Or perhaps someone forgot to pay the water bill?

Nothing as drastic as that. The town pool has been closed for it's annual 3 week makeover and maintenance shutdown. Just when I felt confident enough to start going to the aquafit classes too.
This week the water went back in and all the water activities started up again.
This indoor pool has been in use for about 12 years, replacing an outdoor pool built in the 1950s. And it's well used, with swimming lessons for all ages, an active competitive swim club, therapy jets pool, and leisure swim times.
A great place to spend some time in the middle of the winter, swimming in the warmth and watching the snowflakes fall outside!


  1. The pool here was cleaned out recently too. Must be an autumn thing. There was a dog swim before it was emptied. Interesting and wonderful.

  2. I need to get back to the pool. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. We don't see many indoor pools down this way, but they sure are nice up north in the winter time. We had a pool in the backyard of our first house in Ocala. Way too much work and money!

  4. “Swimming in the warmth and watching the snowflakes fall outside” sounds so fantastic. Swimming is good to keep you fit and I hear exercise in water lessons pressure on the joints.

    Regarding your comment, this website explains well about bell crickets and you can hear their singing.

    As to the bell crickets after being released into my garden, they would enjoy the taste of freedom, but they have to live on their own with the risk being killed by natural enemies outside. we like to enjoy their chirping in chorus with other singing insects while eating supper at the roofed deck. Those left in the cage have no troubles with food (mainly eggplant) and sing longer though their singing get muted day by day as autumn deepens.


  5. But then you have to go out into the cold ...

  6. Looks like a great place for swimming. Both my kids loves to go swimming but I must say that I do not share that love of the water. The exercise that swimming provides is very good.

  7. I'm five minutes away from one of our rec centre indoor pools, every year I have good intentions but so far......?
    I do hope your hip is less painful and you are feeling good.
    I'm mobile now, but have numbness in my leg. Hopefully not for much longer.
    Are you enjoying this weather? Isn't it perfection!


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