Wednesday, 14 September 2016


Our local art gallery changes it's exhibitions on a monthly basis, currently featuring drawings by Jenna Faye Powell from London, Ontario. 
According to the gallery's website: Her beautiful and playful drawings and paintings present smooth rounded out voids in the earth: x-ray visions of what lie beneath the surface, revealing to us the sinkholes’ topography and geology. Layers of earth are stylized in warm and golden hues reminiscent of old and fading photographs, and fill us with a warm nostalgic feeling. Nothing threatening here, just lovely and quirky depictions of the earth rounded out and sliced and diced to show us what’s inside. 

Mostly done in coloured pencils I think. Some of the other works are done on black paper and more ominous and gloomy, but these are the ones I liked best.


  1. A very gentle depiction of a potentially frightening reality.

  2. I love the 3rd one. Back in the day I used to love drawing using coloured pencils.

    Sinkholes both fascinate and scare me.

  3. Very delicate and special arts. I like the third one, full of sense of mystery.
    Have a good day!

  4. Hi Shammi, I've been catching up on your news. I missed the bit about the hip replacement, what a time you've had of it. Goodness I thought I was having it bad with my knee, fractured and torn ligaments, but it sounds like you really are in a lot of pain. Did the surgeons give you any idea how long the healing process would take?

  5. I haven’t seen the paintings like these. I nodded to the excerpt you introduced us from the website while looking at the paintings. I like these muted natural colors in greys, beige, and browns.


  6. Not quite my style but I do love the shadings and what talent with colored pencils.
    Sometime I am going to get brave enough to pick up pencils again and try to draw.
    It's very intimidating to me.

  7. Very interesting exhibitions of drawings by Jenna Faye Powell. Thanks for intruduce the artist to me.


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