Monday, 2 January 2017

Bedtime Reading 2016

There's no better way to relax for an hour or two than sinking into a comfy chair with a cuppa tea and a good book. Or spending 20 minutes reading myself to sleep on a cold winter night.

Our Public Library has started a building expansion adding an extra 16,000 sq.ft. Ground was broken in November, and completion planned in late 2017, so the books are being relocated to a building the other side of town for a while.... quite a task! I'll have to drive a little further each time I need new books.

As usual Canadian authors in BLUE, British authors in RED, American authors in GREEN, Australian and New Zealand authors in PURPLE..

The Rehearsal - Eleanor Catton (very odd book)
Buzz Aldrin - What Happened to You in all the Confusion? - Johan Harstad

Mad River Road - Joy Fielding
Eleanor - Jason Gurley (weird book)
The Grownup - Gillian Flynn

The Illegal - Lawrence Hill
Did You Ever Have a Family - Bill Clegg
Slade House - David Mitchell (great book!)
The Last Runaway - Tracy Chevalier
The Spymistress - Jennifer Chiaverini (did not finish)
The Guest Room - Chris Bohjalian

Circling the Sun - Paula McClain
Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands - Chris Bohjalian
Minister without Portfolio - Michael Winter
A Mind of her Own - Diana Lesire Brandmeyer (what an awful book, don't waste your time)

The Light in the Ruins - Chris Bohjalian
The Night Strangers - Chris Bohjalian
The Thousand Autumns of Jacob deZoet - David Mitchell (2nd time reading this book)
The Sandcastle Girls - Chris Bohjalian

The Gathering - Anne Enright (did not finish, too depressing)
The Paris Wife - Paula McClain
At the Edge of the Orchard - Tracy Chevalier
Before You Know Kindness - Chris Bohjalian

The Forgotten Garden - Kate Morton
Half Blood Blues - Esi Edugyan

The Muse - Jessie Burton
The Girl on the Train - Paula Hawkins

All the Light we Cannot See - Anthony Doerr
The Green Road - Anne Enright
The View from Penthouse B - Elinor Lipman
All the Ugly and Wonderful Things - Bryn Greenwood
Runaway - Alice Munro
The Ladies Man - Elinor Lipman

House Rules - Jodi Picault
Bone and Bread - Saleema Narwaz
Birdie - Tracey Lindberg (did not finish)

The Law of Similars - Chris Bohjalian
Banksy - Will Ellsworth-Jones
Mary Pratt - various contributors
The Blind Astronomer's Daughter - John Pipkin

The Distant Hours - Kate Morton
Left Neglected - Lisa Genova
.....and on the bedside table, ready to start..... A Soldier's Revenge - Matthew Dunn


  1. Some of these I have read, some I have not. And I am always ready to find more. I read every day. And in most genres.
    I liked David Mitchell's The Bone Clocks more than Slade House.

  2. I have grown to love the Canadian authors on your list. Such great writing!

  3. I see there's only a couple that you didn't finish Shammi, they must have been really bad 😊 I'm reading 'A Quiet Life' by Natasha Walter at the moment, enjoying it very much. Gosh what would we do without books! Here's wishing you health and happiness for the new year, I guess it's up to us to make it a good one ☺

  4. We're pretty lucky Shammi it does get hot but unlike the eastern states it's a pretty dry heat most of the time. When we visit my son in Sydney in summer, the humidity is pretty unbearable!

  5. Some good books in that list. Reminds me I need to update Goodreads and do my list for 2016.

  6. wow!! I have copied the list.. I'll try to find them out in the library..

    Please visit:

  7. You are quite eclectic in your reading; I think that's a good thing. I tend to get stuck with a few authors, although take a chance once in awhile. I did "The Paris Wife," and found it quite enjoyable.

  8. A great list of books. You got to read great literature. I have been going slowly in the my reading in the past few months. Wishing you a great year in 2017!

  9. Great list! I have copied the list too!
    I like so much Alice Munro, but I did not read Runaway yet.

  10. I've read about six of these. I enjoy anything by Kate Morton and Alice Monroe.
    I've read an awful lot this year, so far over 60 books. I'm having problems with my eyes however, and an eye test showed I have a cataract. I've had to cut down my book consumption and it's frustrating as I'm never happier than when I have my nose in a book!


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