Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Some More Chihuly

A few more pictures from the Royal Ontario Museum's Chihuly Exhibit.

Persian Ceiling  This is one of the most popular works. Brightly coloured "persian" shapes are arranged in layers on a ceiling of glass, and lit from above. When Chihuly was asked why he called these shapes "persian" he said he just liked the name. But the Museum removed the quote from it's signage, and to see why, click here.

The whole room glows with colour forming dramatic textured reflections on the walls. Apparently the SoHo Metropolitan Hotel in Toronto has a ceiling like this in the front entrance, but on a smaller scale. I'll have to check it out when I'm in the neighbourhood. 

The best way to see the colours of the Persian Ceiling is to lie on the strategically provided upholstered cushions. This family was enjoying bathing in a pool of light, pointing out all the tiny details..
Fire Orange Baskets  A depiction of Northwest Coast Indian baskets showing the shapes in the circular woven baskets created by effects of gravity and time.

These glass baskets are the largest ever produced.

Persian Trellis  More of those "persian" shapes. The glass is blown to form herringbone patterns, and each individual piece has a slightly different colour combination, with a teeny weeny stripe of contrasting glass on the rim. I want one!!!!

Perhaps you would like to take home a souvenir of your visit to the Chihuly exhibit? These modest little trinkets were displayed for sale, carefully watched over by a Museum employee,  and in fact one had been purchased just a few minutes before I took this photo. 

Too bad I didn't have any spare change with me, as I quite fancied this lovely bowl of sunshine sitting on my mantlepiece. But I would have had to take it home on the bus..... and it might have been broken....


  1. Oooooh.
    The ceiling is the installation I lay under and gazed at in awe. No cushions provided.
    And I still remember hearing a woman say to her friend about some of his pieces 'Nice enough I suppose, but not practical'.
    I adore his work. The colours, the shapes, the light catching elements...

  2. It's very beautiful. But I think Mr. C should pull it from this gallery. I mean who needs people afraid of the name, "Persian." They would have probably gone ape-sh*t over "Iranian." Yikes!

  3. Beautiful! To be admired and observed! I would love to see this exhibit. The glass plant is incredible.a

  4. Wow! this is gorgeous and so different. Makes you want to keep looking at it, I would spend ages just staring.

  5. Beautiful arts again. I wish I could sit on the cushion with them, seeing arts!!
    Those new style of works make me exciting, feeling young.
    Have a wonderful day!

  6. I love seeing the Chihuly glass sculptures Shammi, beautifully shown here and last post. It's funny how a name can offend some people.. I can't imagine the artist was trying to be controversial, this world is getting too sensitive ☺☺

  7. Magnificient. I have seen his work in Las Vegas. Spectacular.

    To answer your question...Yes we have had 6 years of drought and so little rain. Then we have had one deluge after another. The run off has been devastating, to make matters worse there was huge amounts of warm rain in the mountains on top of the snow pack. It all melted and ended up in our valley. We rely on the good snow pack for the runoff to fill the lakes and give us our drinking water. Thankfully we have had since then 10 feeet of new snow...that's major. Is the drought over?? Probably not but it does ease things for everyone.

  8. What the heck is wrong with saying "persian looks exotic?" I love that word exotic! It describes anything not of the boring, ordinary that you'd just pass by without noticing. Ha - what's our silly world coming to?

    I had not seen this kind of art before. Thanks for sharing. It's so beautiful (and exotic, ha) and I would have been tempted to buy that bowl of sunshine too!

    Lots of hugs

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  10. Just stunning, breathtaking the art of Chihuly!
    Wonderful photos, Shammie! Well done!

  11. How much are his works of art to buy? I'd love one. So much colour and shape and style.

  12. This is a nice post. I like Chihuly. I love the photo of the people laying back and really enjoying looking at the show. That's one of the things art should offer, isn't it?


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