Saturday, 6 May 2017


Our Monday morning Art Group meets in the back room of the Gallery every Monday morning and we aim to try different techniques and media.... so one of our number is an accomplished potter, and he fires many of his pieces in the Raku style.
You can read about the Raku process here.
Our first task was to make a pinch pot, starting with a shapeless lump of clay, shaping it into a ball, then making a depression into the middle, and working the sides until it looked sort of like a cup. Here's mine. This was after it had been fired once and I had added white glaze inside, and blue glaze on the outside with a couple of black blobs. I had no idea what this would turn out like.

 This was the kiln, home made and fuelled with a propane BBQ tank.
The items to be fired were lined up on the table and there was a selection of different glazes to be used. Our resident potter was there to give advice, as I'd never done this sort of pottery before.
 The items were fired in the outdoor kiln, and then taken out and put into a metal can that had lots of newspaper and other combustible materials in it, which of course caught fire right away. This is what gives the raku finish it's blackness and the metallic sheen.
 A clay mask that had been in  the kiln.... still cooling on the grass and covered with soot and ashes. I didn't see this one cleaned up.
 We also made small animal shapes to be fired but sadly mine broke in the kiln on its first firing. This was a sheep? bear? cow? whatever it was, our potter made it.
 My pot, once it was cleaned up, looks great, well, I think it does anyway, pretty good for a first attempt. When it first came out of the kiln it was completely black and had to be cleaned with a rough kitchen scrubbie and scouring powder.
 A selection of the items we fired that day. So they are not museum quality, but I don't care, we had so much fun and learned about a new process.


  1. Great job on your bowl. The colour is beautiful!

  2. You did really well, I love the colour. I like the blue and white one in the last photo too.

  3. Well done you. Love the colour and the shape.
    I like raku, and a pot a friend's mother made for me has been treasured here for years. More than thirty years.

  4. Sounds and looks like fun, even though I'd rather be playing golf. But then I wouldn't have some of these nice, hand-crafted mugs or vases to use around the house!

  5. I think your pot is fabulous Shammi, in fact it's unique 😊 I know a few people who do pottery classes and they love it.. might have to give it a try!

  6. Bury some of the pieces in your yard. It will puzzle archaeologists in a thousand years or so

  7. Well, I like yours. Mine would have--well, I thought it was a fish. :-)

  8. I think it came pretty darn good. Nice job!
    We have a couple of Raku pieces.


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