Friday, 26 May 2017

Tie Dye

A different challenge for my Art group this week.... tie dye!
We dyed some Tshirts last year successfully, and this time we tried traditional Japanese fabric dying technique of shibori, the art of folding, twisting or pleating fabric and then dying it to create a controlled pattern.
Fabric should be a natural fibre, we used cotton, cotton/linen mix, cotton artist canvas and silk. The fabric was folded or pleated and then tied tightly with elastic bands or string to hold the pleats in place, and then fabric dyes were added with a pipette in a controlled pattern.
The floor was covered in a huge tarp, and lots of newspaper and paper kitchen towels used to soak up the excess dye.... and don't forget to wear your oldest clothes and you definitely need latex gloves or you'll end up with interesting colourful hands.  Everyone used a different colour combination on their fabric, and a different technique.

One of my pieces of fabric was dyed on a pole, tightly secured at the top of the pole with string, and then crumpled and wrapped around the pole and tied tightly in a spiral. Dye was injected on a random basis. The fabric is wrapped in plastic and left for 24 hours, then rinsed in cold water until the water is clear. The piece can then be washed in warm soapy water and the colour won't wash out.
Now I have some pieces of pretty tie dye cotton..... no idea what I'll do with them, but I'm sure I'll find some use.


  1. How interesting to do such a process with a group, Shammickite. You get the company and variety of results to compare. Wonderful!

  2. I haven't even heard of tie-dye for years. This is so interesting and I'll be a lot of fun, even it very messy. Yes, you're so creative, I'm sure you'll find something great to do with your tie-dyed materials.

  3. That takes me back - and I love the results.
    I do love hearing about your Art Group, and really, really love seeing the results.

  4. Have to say, I've never tie dyed, but it does look fun. Congrats on your pieces, I love the effects. :)

  5. Back in the day, you could have made some money on this stuff.
    Love all the colors and patterns (and lack of patterns).

  6. Just for the record Tie dyed t-shirts are really back in fashion again. So get on with it, you could make a fortune!

  7. There are some beautiful colour combinations here Shammi, your art group sounds like so much fun. Hope we get to see what you make with your tie dye piece of material ☺

  8. These “shibori-zome” cloths are so fascinating with various different patterns and colors. Each and every one is uniquely beautiful. I’ll be glad to know what your tie-dyed cottons are made into someday. If I have a chance to try it, I’ll made a spring scarf with pastel spring colors using soft cotton. My tie-dye experience is only once as part of Home Economics class of high school.


  9. Delightful.
    I love all the different patterns and colors.
    Maybe you could use them for pillow covers or perhaps a scarf.
    Truly beautiful.

  10. What fun! I haven't seen tie-dye in ages!

  11. I enjoy those different patterns and colors.
    Doing tie-dye,its process is fun and it is like enjoying painting I think.
    I have not done tie-dye. I just enjoy to dye my old laces brown with English tea or dried peels of onions. So a bit worn out laces become new!
    Have a good day!


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