Monday, 10 July 2017

Garden Again

Two of the gardens are owned by artists who have been featured on the local Artist Studio Tours.

This secluded garden and summer house are both decorated with the artist's creations of fabric garden art sculptures. Fairies, elves, gods and godesses, witches and wizards populate the flower beds and peep out from behind shrubs. They are made of all natural materials; cotton, bark, moss and wood. Most of these creations are no more than 18" high, but some are life size.

I didn't take a photo of the next garden, although I should have because it's so tiny and charming, or of the artist's studio which is in a late 1800s coach house where wagons and carriages were once built. However, this is her garden shed! I loved the colours.
And a village of little houses decorate the grounds, along with all sorts of whimsical objects scattered among the vegetables and flowers.
More to come.....


  1. Love the colours too. I would never think to use those.

  2. Purple and green (and white) are feminists colours. Love the gardens and am looking forward to more.

  3. Very nice gardens. I like that cute little house, very pretty.

  4. Great looking gardens and liking the objects on display. Greetings!

  5. Sweet daisy and a quite unique statue, and I like that charming house!!
    Thank you for your kind words for my mother. I was relieved to see her mild face and calm tone of voice. She receives well care.
    Have a happy day,Shammic.

  6. I love looking at other people's gardens Shammi, to enjoy different styles of planting but also to get ideas to take home with me.

  7. Just lovely garden! The little house is so pretty!

  8. People are so creative! Love the statue in the garden a lot.


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