Monday, 16 October 2017

Paint in Action

A couple of weeks ago Tina Newlove came to my weekly art group and demonstrated how she creates her colourful acrylic abstract paintings while reacting to music.
She set up her canvas on the easel, squeezed the paints onto her palette, turned on the funky music and started to paint. Her music was set to run 45 minutes, and she wanted to be finished by then.
Here goes.....!

Tina's palette with all the mixed colours.
After lunch, more music was played and we created our own abstracts in reaction to what we were listening to. Abstract art looks like it would be easy to cover the canvas with colour and make a pleasing design, but really it's a lot harder than it looks. Here are some of the results, I'm not saying which one is mine. I'll let you guess.

Would you hang any of these on your wall?


  1. Very artist! I would indeed place it on my walls. The 9th photo shows a beautiful landscape with clear blue skies (that is what I see.) The 11th photo shows a lovely painting as well. Ohh they are all very pretty.

  2. Yours is the fifth one up from the bottom. I think. My wife is looking for a painting with the colors in the one Tina did for you. Do you like painting with the music?

    Nice to have you back again!

  3. As an appreciator rather than creator I am not at all surprised to hear that abstract art is harder than it looks. I suspect that it is true of all art (whatever the genre).
    Some of these I found disturbing and others beautiful.

  4. That’s a very different approach. It’s always refreshing to see how others work.

  5. Yes I'd definitely hang Tina's work on my wall, I like it.

  6. I admire the passion of people who paint such paintings. I would hang one of them on the wall. * Unfortunately I do not have good news. I'm not after surgery yet. I rarely get cold, but it happened. During that time, I had a call from the hospital that the surgery could be done. But it could not be done because I was caught cold. Now I wait until all the symptoms have passed and I have to call the hospital. Regards.

  7. There are two definites that I would hang Shammi ☺ it really isn't as easy as it looks but it's a lot of fun while trying right ☺

  8. I love the colours she uses. Really lovely and very talented to do a picture in 45 mins.
    Just proves how powerful music is!
    Maggie x

  9. I would LOVE to know about the painting to music - can you give me details? Got an idea.


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