Sunday, 28 January 2018

Blue Jeans and Buttons

Torn and faded blue jeans have been given a new lease on life by Judith Tinkl. To me these are no longer just slices of ripped denim, destined for the used clothing recycling bin, but have been turned in to lovely landscapes and architectural drawings, even maps.

Judith Tinkl's quilts and textile creations are not meant to keep you warm at night, although they could. They are meant to be displayed on the wall, and I think they are beautiful.

This one is called Oma, Opa, Obi and was stitched in 2011.

Post scheduled while I'm away this week.


  1. Intriguing, especially he jeans.

  2. The jeans, what a clever idea and a wonder eye!

  3. To each his/her own. I guess I think jeans are to be worn. Or sung about. Remember the song, "Jean"? Certainly is a creative artiste.

  4. Shammi I've just been back to see all your posts on the Tinkl house, absolutely fascinating! His army outside in the garden made me smile! What a very talented couple they are!

  5. I love the jeans, they've taken on a new life!

  6. Some people are so creative! I would have never even thought of doing this, much less actually doing it...


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