Sunday, 21 January 2018

Concrete Art

Just a few miles to the north of here is a little one room school house that provided education for lots of country students many years ago.
The school house eventually became redundant and artist Viktor Tinkl purchased it in 1965. And then the concrete moved in.
These photos were taken in better weather, all would be covered in snow right now.

I visit this place every time there's an Open House, it's fascinating to see what new creations have appeared in the grounds, or on the walls and roof of the old school house.
More pictures to come.


  1. It ain't like the little old school houses I have known! Yikes! What a conglomeration of sculptures and well, other things, too. Sheesh! Fun but this is absolutely nuts! :)

  2. I would be with you in a heartbeat going to every Open House. There is always room for quirky fun in my world.

  3. Unique, creative and fun. I love them!

  4. I can see the sense of humour in some of them. Very creative and interesting.


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