Monday, 1 January 2018


Did you stay up until midnight with a glass of champagne to welcome the New Year? Or perhaps you were freezing your toes (and pretty well everything else) at one of the outdoor celebrations around the country? It was certainly a bit chilly here.... around -24C (-12F) last night. That's too darn COLD!
Or did you do what I did, stay in the warm, and collapse into bed at around 11:00pm, and wake up ready to face a new day and a new year?

I spent New Year's Eve doing what I love to do best, relaxing with my family. We enlisted the help of grandchildren to complete a really complicated 550 piece "Where's Waldo" jigsaw puzzle, then we played a few hands of Isaac's new Skip-Bo card game, trying to learn the rules.
A movie from 2003, "Daddy Daycare", kept the kids laughing at the antics of Eddie Murphy and Jeff Garlin running a disastrous daycare, while YoungerSon skipped out into the freezing cold weather to bring home a tray of assorted sushi from the local Maki Sushi restaurant.
Sushi in front of the fireplace, then an early Netflix New Year's countdown for the kids at around 8:30pm. After standing on the bed and watching the New Year fireworks from the bedroom window (too damn cold to watch in the park), the kids were tucked into bed and sleeping by 9:00pm, and I was at home getting into in my jammies by 9:45! A successful New Year's Eve!

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! New Year Resolutions? Well, I'm not telling much but I know there are a few things planned on my list:

  1. Robbie Burns night in January.... I'll be peeling spuds, mashing neeps, and heating up the haggis as usual. DONE! and it was a great evening.
  2. Hip replacement surgery later in January. Now I'll have a matching set. And this time it will be a new procedure, DAA, Direct Anterior Approach, which will allow faster recovery than the previous method. Or so I've been told. DONE!
  3. Broadway show "Come From Away" in Toronto in April.... I already have my precious ticket pinned to the fridge so I don't misplace it. DONE! It was a terrific show.
  4. Concert trip to Scotland in July with the local men's chorus "Men of Note". And a possible week or two in England too, if I can arrange it. DONE! A week in England then 2 weeks in Scotlad, and then a week in Newfoundland!
  5. Four dates for local art exhibitions... not sure if I'll have enough pieces for display but I'll try. Better start painting. And I actually sold a painting! I was dead chuffed.


  1. Happy New Year.
    I didn't wait up for her. She has a key and knows the way.
    Good luck with the hip surgery. I hope the recovery is fast and easy. Looking forward to seeing more of your painting.

  2. Happy New Year Shammy.
    My, you have some wonderful goals for 2018.
    Delightful vacations and times of creativity....
    Your matching pair of hips will be wonderful. Speedy recovery to being like new.

  3. Your plans so far sound perfect. I’d like to see Come From Away this year too. Happy New Year.

  4. Happy New Year to you too. You plans sound good for the year and hopefully your surgery will be nice and smooth with a fast recovery. Wishing you the best in 2018.

  5. I like the way you greeted the New Year. We gave up at 11:30 and crashed. :) As for watching the ball fall, been there, done that, no need to do it again!

    Best wishes with your hip surgery. I hope all goes well and that you're soon back to your normal activities!

    And may 2018 be a year filled with happiness, health and prosperity! And lots of good art work!

  6. Well, your year will be more exciting than mine. Enjoy.

  7. -24! You can come here for our +41c this Saturday if you want to thaw out. I experienced -15 in Nepal once and I thought I was going to die even with 100 layers on.

    Good to see you ticking along well bar the hip but I'm told you bounce back as good as new after these ops. I got a disc prolapse early October. Didn't help we were cycling along the Danube at the time and had to crawl home. MP was philosophical as she thought it was better than bringing me home in an urn. The perils of age!

    Trust you have a great 2018.

  8. Happy New Year!

    I stayed in, did some reading. I finished off the memoirs of U.S Grant yesterday.

  9. Keep warm! Hope you have a great year.

  10. You have great vacation plans. I wish you a successful hip insertion and fast recovery. I am already walking without crutches around the house and outside. Regards.

  11. That's the best list of resolutions I've seen so far Shammi, good luck with the hip replacement. Don't forget to show us the paintings when done 😊 Looks to me like 2018 is going to be a busy year for you!

  12. best wishes for a speedy recovery from your upcoming surgery.

  13. Sounds like the perfect New Year with family. I went to bed around 10:00 after spending a quiet evening reading a book.

    Good luck with your hip surgery. Procedures have improved over the years and recovery times quicker.

    Your 2018 sounds exciting! Broadway show in Toronto, concert in Scotland - to name a few highlights!

    All the best for a prosperous, healthy, and peaceful New Year.

  14. Happy New Year, Shammie!! Thank you for still stopping by my pathetic little blog now and again! It's wonderful seeing your comments! I was browsing around one of my crafting sites and they were celebrating their 12 years and how they've been running for since 2006 and it made me realize that I started my blog even before then! So we've been bloggy friends for nearly that long! Time flies, doesn't it? Well, I must say I'm quite happy to close the chapter on 2017 though admittedly I'm skeptical about 2018, too. However, 2017 did give me a few opportunities to do some exploring, so I'm grateful for that. Wishing you and your family the best! I hope to visit your blog more often, too! xoxo

  15. Happy New Year,Shammic.
    I and my family stay up until midnight,welcoming the New Year,but no champagne.
    We welcome the year with noodles, hoping long happy life! It is a kind of custom in Japan. I hope 2018 brings you a lot of happiness!Enjoy your day.

  16. Greetings! Glad to hear you bought some flowers to bring a little freshness and joy into your life. I should mention those azaleas are not looking quite as good these days as we had three nights of freezing weather last week and we're looking at a couple more next week. But azaleas are very resilient and should pop back bright and shiny soon!


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