Monday, 16 April 2018

Gallery Space

About 15 or so years ago a new Recreation Centre was built incorporating a library, some meeting rooms, a swimming pool and a fitness centre. As this town's population has grown over the years, it has become obvious that the building wasn't large enough to supply the town's needs.
After many months of on again / off again building plans and debates on the rising cost by town council, construction of the new expansion started a couple of years ago, and the project is almost complete.
The expanded library opens today with a great celebration, but unfortunately we've had a huge ice storm all weekend and I can't even get out of my snowy icy driveway this morning to go and see it. I'll have to wait until all the ice melts!
The new fitness area is almost complete, and will be ready by July.
And our small Art Gallery will be moving to a larger space in the new building.... with the entrance just inside the front doors, so much easier for the public to access the space dedicated to art. The Gallery is currently in a building set back from the main street, and somewhat out of the public eye.... you have to want to go there!
So in anticipation of the move, the gallery work space is being organised.

The gallery work space is used for art classes, children's art camps, school groups, paint battles, family art days. The walls are lined with shelves containing paint, markers, crayons, inks, brushes, paper, canvases, art books. I meet with my art group, AAP Collective, there on Monday mornings. It will be so nice to move into the new space when it's complete.

Meanwhile, there are children's art classes still continuing. I wonder how long these coloured pencils will stay colour-coordinated.....!


  1. Well, I'm sorry you have to put up with another storm in April and that you can't get out to the new center. But, it's all got to stop in favor of sunshine and warmer weather soon, right? Sounds like a wonderful place and one that of which you will make good use! Just don't go out slip-sliding on the know what that will get ya.

  2. I don't know what it is about them, but when I see a set of beautifully sharpened coloured pencils they make feel excited. They are a thing of beauty.

  3. I hope you get there sooner rather than later.
    And love those pencils.

  4. What a functional multi-purpose space! So versatile for the times!

  5. One day later, I''m still not sure if I can get past the pile of snow and ice at the end of our driveway.

  6. Well, that sounds like a fabulous facility. Wow! I've got a box of coloured pencils in my drawer, if you get short.

  7. Be safe in all that ice....
    How exciting to have a new place to meet and be creative.
    Love the shot of all the sharpened pencils....

  8. I expect it shall take all of five minutes for colour coordination to lose cohesion.

  9. Expanded library sounds wonderful! I love libraries, now we live here where we don't have a library sadly!

  10. Ice storm in April is unbelievable! The different colored pencils look ready to be used, all sharpened and put in order by colors. Isn’t it exciting to enter a renovated new place? Soon you’ll find yourself enjoying using your creativity. Wish you warmer days soon.


  11. This sounds like it is going to be a grand place to frequent. The children will love the art classes and once everything is underway, you can bet those coloured pencils will be well used and all mixed up.
    Have a wonderful weekend and let's hope the temps will rise and the sun will melt the mess that is on your streets.

  12. I can't believe your weather is still so bad Shammi, you must be so tired of the cold by now. Love that they've extended the library instead of knocking it down. Looking forward to your first visit ✨


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