Monday, 7 May 2018

"Art in the Dark" Update:

Update: Well, the 2018 Art Show and Sale is history, three days without power and having to haul in a generator in order to pump water to flush the toilets. One for the record books, definitely.
And of course, the electricity came on just as the door was being locked at the close of the final day! Oh well......
I sold two pieces of art and 10 greeting cards. A lot less than last year, but I'm happy that a lot of people said they liked my work, even though they didn't buy it.
The crowds were smaller this year, which is hardly surprising as many people were still without power after Friday's ferocious windstorm, or they were busy dealing with fallen trees, flattened fences or trying to contact the insurance companies about their lost roof shingles. So much damage done by those fierce winds.
Now on to the next show in 2019..... let's hope the weather is better.


  1. Onward and upward, Shammi. Congratulations on the sales and under such horrendous conditions! Well done!

  2. I would consider your sales a success, especially in light of the conditions.

  3. Oh well done on the sales Shammi, under incroyably difficult circumstances too! Unbelievable when things like that happen, timing is everything 😀

  4. Isn't it just like the hydro to come back just when you don't need it anymore?

  5. That's a shame the electricity was out but at least a few people came by and you sold a few things. Congrats on the sales!

  6. I think they call that Murphy's Law!! ..Glad you Sold some work though :)


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