Saturday, 5 May 2018

Blown Away!

The opening night of the Annual Art Show and Sale..... and Southern Ontario encountered gusty 100km/hour winds knocking down trees and hydro poles, flattening fences and causing extensive power cuts.
I could hardly stand up in the wind.
And it's really hard to appreciate Art when you can't see what you're looking at.
I've heard of Art in the Park, but this was Art in the Dark!

We had a few hardy souls who made it to the Community Centre to look at the paintings, but not many wanted to brave the weather. Flashlights and cell phones were used to light our way. And I even sold a painting in the dark.... admittedly it was to a friend who had seen the work before I framed it.
Today the electricity is back on, so we are hoping for visits from lots of art lovers.

Art Show Update later: although the power has been restored at my house, we had another full day without power at the Art Show. At least it was daylight! But no water for flushing toilets so the town brought in a water tank and a generator.... I wonder what tomorrow holds.

Meanwhile, early this morning, I had a cute fluffy black and white visitor to my back yard. Flower, from the Bambi movie.
She (or he?) scuttled away through the hole under the fence to the right.
Update: I've since seen this same skunk many times, it's very bold and not at all frightened of people.


  1. Hope you have a ton of visitors to the exhibit today Shammi.

  2. Art in the dark indeed! We got the wind in the night.

  3. I hope that lots of people can be blown away by art they can see.

  4. I'm so sorry that you got so much weather! That's no fun especially when so many people work so hard to make an event a success. I hope that you get tons of visitors and sell many more works of art in the dark.

  5. That is some extreme wind! Too bad about all the damage.
    Looking at art by flashlight! That's a new one.
    You did get a sale though...

  6. That's neat: art in the dark.

  7. Oh my isn't it always the way! Third day lucky hey Shammi, fingers crossed that all goes well today, you will have to keep us up to date ✨

  8. Oh my goodness...I had no idea your weather was so awful.
    Congrats on selling a painting...even if it was Art in the Dark...
    Not too fond of seeing those kind of "Flowers" in my yard.
    Tis the season though....
    Hope your electricity returns and things get back to normal.

  9. Greetings! I hope you're out of the dark by now! Re your question on Ocala: The name of that flower is "little pink spring Florida flower." I think. :)


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