Saturday, 18 August 2018

The Forth Bridge

On the way out of Edinburgh we stopped for a photo op at the Forth Rail Bridge.

The Forth Bridge is a steel cantilever railway bridge spanning almost 2.5 kilometers. Construction started in 1882 and it was opened by the Duke of Rothesay (later to be crowned King Edward VII) in 1890.
Before the opening of the bridge, the rail journey from London to Aberdeen took about 13-1/2 hours. Once the bridge was in place, the journey was reduced to around 10 hours.
When I was at school I was taught that once the bridge was painted from one end to the other, it was time to start painting it again. "Painting the Forth Bridge" is a colloquial expression for a never-ending task, but in 2011, the bridge was covered in a new coating designed to last for 25 years. Paint crew no longer needed!
As a child I couldn't understand why the bridge was called the "FOURTH Bridge" when there were only three sections..... of course it wasn't "FOURTH", it was "FORTH".... as it crossed the Firth of Forth.


  1. You have me wondering whether Sydney Harbour Bridge still needs to be painted as often. We were brought up believing that it too had to be started again as soon as the job was finished.
    The Forth Bridge is an amazing structure. Bridges intrigue me.

  2. It certainly is a beautiful bridge. I'll have to doublecheck, but I think it appears as a setting in a Batman graphic novel set in Scotland.

  3. That's a pretty impressive bridge with an unique design. Nice photo!

  4. Hi, regarding your comment, the original story is called the Scottish Connection, but it's also contained as one of three stories in a trade paperback called Batman International.

  5. I feel the same way about this house. Once we've finished decorating everything, we need to start again. :D I need to find some paint that lasts 25 years!

  6. That is a very impressive structure.
    We have the same saying over here. Just Substitute "Golden Gate" for "Firth." They might even be the same color.


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