Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Coffee Mug

Last November my oldest grandson's Atom ice hockey team (ages 9 and 10 up to Dec 31) Schomberg Red Wings won their local tournament which was quite a welcome surprise as they really hadn't won many games all season.

However, this was a huge victory for them, and the team now qualified for entry into another tournament that was to be held in January 2019.

This was the International Silver Stick 2018-2019 Tournament Finals held in the Niagara Region. There were over 100 ice hockey teams competing in 13 different arena locations, from all over Canada and some teams from the US.
The team played 4 games, won 2 and lost 2, so they were pretty happy with the results!

Before the hockey games kicked off, there was some social time scheduled, and  time was allotted for pin trading, so of course, if you swap team pins, you have to have somewhere to pin them.  I made each member of the team a pin banner to hang on the bedroom wall. They loved them and the banners were soon covered with souvenir pins.

And as an unexpected thank you from the team, I received this delightful coffee mug..... pictures of the team, all 17 of them, displaying their pin collections on the banners. What a great souvenir.... I'll be enjoying my morning coffee and cheering the team on at the same time! Go Red Wings!


  1. That coffee mug is a nice memory.

  2. What fun for everyone. You did a great job on the banners!

  3. What a nice thought making the team members banners to pin their pins and they reciprocated with the lovely mug. Excellent!

  4. That must be a different association. That age is called Novice here. JJ is in the next group, which is Atom.

    That is one huge tournament in Niagara.

    1. According to the OMHA, these are the ages for the different levels:

  5. What an excellent idea Shammi, saves them from getting lost. Love your thank you gift and congratulations to your grandson for being such a good sport ✨

  6. You’re thoughtful to have presented a banner to pin their pins. I’m happy for you that the team responded to your kindness with such a lovely mug.


  7. You will treasure that mug I'm sure!!

  8. How nice! And very thoughtful of you to make that banner. Kids must have been so excited with their win!


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