Sunday, 24 February 2019

Fantastic Mr Fox

There's been a fox living in the neighbourhood for the past couple of years. I've seen him (or her?) quite often during the summer, strolling nonchalantly along the street, no fear of cars or people at all. But I haven't seen him during the winter.
But recently I've noticed footprints in the snow which can only come from a fairly large animal. Definitely not a bunny or a squirrel. And this morning when I looked out of the window.....
 ,,,, there he was, sitting in the snow just outside the railings on my deck. Fuzzy picture as it was taken through a rainy window and a bug screen.
Then he moved from the deck to in front of my living room window... again sorry about the fuzziness, the camera wants to focus on the wet window. He looks well fed, probably thanks to an abundance of tree rats er, I mean squirrels in the area. 
He sat for a few moments to think, then went around the side of the house, crossed the road, and trotted off towards the trees at the end of the street. I hope he comes back, I like him.


  1. What a great sight and shot. Fuzzy or not, you got it! Well done!

  2. We have a family of foxes in our garden, and they do a good job of keeping the rabbit population down. I often see one running around with a bunny hanging from his/her mouth. They seem to have less success with the squirrels.

  3. My husband came upstairs one morning to find a fox looking in through the front door. They are beautiful creatures.

  4. Isn't he/she beautiful. They are lovely creatures, it's good that he's obviously getting enough to eat.
    Re your question Shammi, I think it's a bit of both with the old cameras. Some just to have but some like myself to see if we can use them. I once bought a vest pocket camera, c1912 the type soldiers took into war with them, I managed to find a film and successfully take photos with it.. the most charming thing was though, it had a message scratched on it from loved one giving it to soldier off to war, how could I resist 😊


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