Friday, 1 March 2019

Baby Stripes!

There's a sweet new baby at Toronto Zoo and he's covered with stripes.
He was born on February 13 in the early morning hours. His mummy is Tori, an eight year old Grevy's zebra, and his daddy is Jake, an 11 year old male.
This foal has an older sister and brother..... Leia born in January 2014, and Rey born in July 2016.

There's a contest on the Toronto Zoo's facebook page to name the baby... name choices are "JJ", "TJ", "Chewy", "Obi".
Looks like the popular choice is "Obi" to continue with the Star Wars theme.
He is so definitely gorgeously absolutely CUTE!!!!!!
I loaded a different picture.... any better?


  1. Hmmm, I can't seem to get your photo to load...will come back later.

  2. I can't see your photo either. I'll return later.

  3. I'm also having issues- I'll try in a little while from another computer.

  4. I had problems loading this too -- yesterday I think. Anyway, it's fine now.

  5. Hello,Shammic
    So cute and a beautiful photo!

  6. Too too cute with those spindly striped legs, Obi is just perfect ❤❣

  7. Oh how precious. I guess I am a push over for anything "baby".
    I was thrilled to see Zebras in the wild in Kenya. They have magnificent bodies. Obi sounds like a perfect name.
    You must keep that note from your granddaughter. It's one of those things that stays deep down in your heart forever.
    We went to Chili's and had yummy chicken tortillia soup and delicious quesadillas. Not on my diet but oh so GOOD!

    1. Mexican is one of my all time favorites...when I don't know what to eat I make myself a cheese I am hungry for one..haha

  8. Real cutie! I like Chewy. Obi is good too.

  9. Hello my dear friend,
    Sorry I have been long time away your beautiful blog.
    What a lovely baby!
    Sending hugs and Love to you.


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