Thursday, 18 January 2007

Back at work

The Festive Season is over. I've been back at work for more than a week. Whaddya mean, my office is a mess? I know where everything is! Ummm... has anyone seen my pencil?


  1. Pencil? Oh, I think it's right Behind your ear. There you go. Hope I helped.

    I had to comment, because from the look of it, you have connections to two of my favorite countries - Canada and the UK!! :)

  2. Your desk looks surprisingly like mine did at work:) You are not alone!

  3. I believe I saw it in the haggis.

  4. That is way neater than my lounge table!
    I hope you do not mind I am adding you to my blogroll. If you do please let me know and I will remove you

  5. Thanks for comment on my sketchbook. Make sure include south island net time you are in NZ, it's so much different from North Island. Both Island is very beautiful in different way.

  6. Hiya,

    You have reaffirmed why I'm trying to stay away from work for as long as possible! My desk at work (and my room at home) was very similar. I call it organised chaos.

    Anyway, some answers to your questions. Danger whilst travelling? Actually, despite having been to quite a few places that are considered dodgy and for which the Foreign Office gives travel warnings I've never really felt threatened or at risk. Possibly it's because of my trusting attitude or, as you so succinctly put it, that I'm just another "scruffy traveller with a backpack" and therefore not worth kidnapping. But seriously, the Western media seems to greatly exagerate the dangers and "backwardness" of many developing countries.

    I actually do have some pictures from my travels up on the net. There's a link to my Yahoo photo album from my blog (it's on the left hand side) so feel free to have a little peek. And settling down? oh my, I really don't know about that. I'm looking forward to seeing whether I can readjust to "normal" life back in Europe, and god knows what sort of job I'm going to get. But procrastination being my motto I'm going to cross that bridge when I come to it.

    And as for the number of countries visited Yemen is number 28 on this trip, which means I'm averaging about a country a month.

    All the best, Erik.

    P.S. What is it that you do anyway?

  7. I call it an organized mess. I usually know where everything is...or at least where I might find it. :)


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