Tuesday, 27 March 2007

B-Day Bowlerama

It's Birthday time for No2Son. A Quarter Century under the belt already! Reaching such an important milestone definitely called for a family celebration at Nava. We met at 6:30, well.... No1Son was 30 minutes late due to a traffic accident (he wasn't involved, thank goodness) so we didn't get started till 7:00. His Beloved, Ms L, was at work so couldn't join us. No2Son and his beloved Ms S chose salmon and spinach, No1 Son and The Space Cadet chowed down on pork tenderloin and I had pasta with pesto, asparagus and shrimp.... and lashings of GARLIC!!!! Warning.... better not get too close.

No2Son with his best prezzie.

And then came dessert......

but it didn't last long.

Then we headed to the bowling alley. All the ten pin lanes were busy, so we bowled "small ball", which turned out to be miniature ten pin bowling on a regulation size lane with a five pin ball.... a lot harder then regular ten pin I think.

The Space Cadet shows his rather unorthodox bowling style. He said he was pathetic. We were kind and said he was merely erratic.

No1Son sizing up his next shot. He won the first two games, but only because he could hurl the ball harder than anyone else.

Ms S in action....... she says she's better at baseball.

No2Son (the Birthday Boy) bowls a STRIKE! He won the last game by 3 points.... in fact it was a battle to the death with his brother.

Spot was there too, to help with the scoring and making sure TSC didn't cheat. Ms S won this one!

It was so much fun, we should do it again for the next birthday.


  1. What a good looking group. The Space Cadet looks like he is getting ready to roll down the lane all curled up. Desserts looked yummy. There is nothing like having family close by. I miss mine every day.

  2. How fun! But ya almost lost me after the photo of the dessert. :)

  3. What a fun celebration. There's nothing like family to make the day seem special. Looks like great food and I never played small ball bowling before. Didn't know there was such a thing. It looks challenging.

  4. mmmm i fancy that dessert too mmmmm

    great action shots.

  5. Happy birthday! That dessert looks delicious. Not surprising it didn't last long! Thanks for visiting Tel Aviv

  6. Aw, I just love reading about family stuff. I live vicariously...

  7. You can't beat a family celebration for a birthday, makes it all the more special I think!! Happy Birthday No 2 son!

  8. How very fun! Though I've done a lot of bowling in my life, I've never bowled THAT variety. I can see how the smaller ball would make it harder. :)

    I especially love the family photo at the end!!! One happy family. :)

  9. Wow! Just love the desert! Will have to have a go on June 2nd, hubby's birthday! Could experiment with tomato sauce on his chips! LOL!



  11. a very happy birthday to #2. looks like everyone had a great time! verra handsome group!

    but really....what is it with this DOG, SPOT? is this a canadian thing?

  12. Happy belated birthday, Son #2! Looks like you had a wonderful time. I love these outings :)

  13. Rosemary: Poor old Space Cadet has been moaning all week about sore muscles... I wonder why?

    Mad: Thanks for the visit, yes, that dessert didn't take long to disappear.

    Photo: we had never heard about "small ball" either but it was fun learning!

    Letty: Dessert was great!

    Mandi: your pics are lovelt, I'll be visiting again.

    Jay and Libby: Yes, I love those family events too.

    Ginnie: that family photo at the end is my WHOLE family.... well, there's No1Son's lady Ms L too.

    Mrs N: make a happy face with the ketchup!

    xtreme: Well, the fairies invited him to stay, and now he just wants to go everywhere we do. I think he just craves attention.... like all dogs!

    cdnsws: It was a fun birthday, but I'm glad it doesnt happen every week, I'm exhausted!

  14. What a handsome and sporty bunch you all are. so important to enjoy the good times with your precious family. the desset looks amazing...OMG!! Must try that place soon...good with a crowd.

  15. I'm not looking at the sweets in your latest post (on account of the forthcoming wedding), so I'll reply to this one instead!!! Nice to see you in the photo. It looks as if you all had a brilliant time. Loved the look of the dessert!!

    Thanks for your comments - I like the blue, but it is so dark because the windows are covered up. If there was some daylight it would be much better!!


  16. Fabulous family photo!! Looked like you guys had a grand evening.

    I love garlic too but I hate the taste in my mouth 2 hours later. Eck!


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