Monday, 19 March 2007


The darn winter seems to be dragging on and on, and the constant snow and cold is starting to get to me. Last week I was desperate to see some spring flowers, so I invested $2.98 at Walmart. Yes, I'm the last of the big-time spenders.

The flowers started to emerge as soon as I got my purchase home.

They grew bigger.....

.... and now it's obvious that they have an evil plan to take over the world.

The whole house is scented with Blue Hyacinth perfume. I can smell it as soon as I open the door.
I wish this computer had Smell-O-Vision so you can enjoy the scent too.


  1. I wish there was smell-o-vision too. Beautiful flowers regardless of the price.
    Happy first day of Spring, March 20th.

  2. oh i love the scent of hyacinths, gorgeous!

    i've just seen your comment on Niddy noddy. It was a table-top loom, though one with 8 shafts, as I was working with 4 layers at once (if that makes any sense?)

  3. Oh this is a beautiful series of photos! And all for the price of $2.98. I love watching flowers emerge; it is some kind of miracle each time.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I am just learning how to draw after years of being told that I have little talent. It means a lot to me that you would express admiration.

  4. I know what you mean, one week ago my lilac hyacinth wither. But many days I smelled it though our house! I love them so much!

  5. Hi, thanks for the visit, nice to meet you! I have had such fun browsing back a bit and getting to know you! Please tell me more about the yummy lemon/lime marmalade, how much water and sugar, and how long to soak before boiling etc? I ADORE auctions, in fact, as i am totally unable to restrain myself from bidding on the most arb things, and used to come home LADEN with things, i have to avoid them now! (For example 40 old silver fish forks !!! Well they were only R3 for the lot (about US$ 50c!!!)so who could resist! But where to store it all?
    William is gorgeous, and your Valentine must be delightful, please tell me his name is not Daisy?

  6. I to love the scent of hyacinths sadly my children do not and it affects there hayfever so outside they have to stay!!!

  7. Photowannabe: These three spring blossoms have raised my spirits no end.... and the weather forecast says ABOVE FREEZING for the rest of this week.... Woohoo!

    Lettuce: Thanks for the loom info, I'd love to learn... maybe I'll come over for a lesson.

    Potato: I think your drawings are very special. Don't listen to anyone who says otherwise.

    verena: The smell is lovely, it's everywhere!

    suzi: email me at allennefatyahoodotca for the lemon-lime recipe, and I had a huge laugh at my Valentine's new name... actually he appears from time to time in this blog, I refer to him as The Space Cadet, cos that's exactly what he is!

    Libby: I think the hyacinth scent makes me sneeze too, but I still love the smell!

  8. I'm sorry...but....spring has arrived in IDAHO!!!! No sprouts yet, but the ice is almost gone, still some snow but melting little by little, the bambis are back as well as the swallows and robins!!! I wish I could smell the hyacinths too.

  9. Awwww. We bought the pink variety in Germany a month ago for our landlady and on our next trip, two weeks later, it was in full bloom. It's amazing how quickly they grow! Totally worth the price!

  10. Oh dear. I'm afraid that if the blogosphere had smellovision, no one would visit me anymore...

    Potato Print: Little talent? Well, I took a peek, and that "little" talent is a whole lotta fun! Great blog!

  11. I love hyacynths. I wish we had smell-o-vision, too!

  12. Oh, I love hyacinths but their scent is too strong for our home, DH does not at all like it! ;-((

    Happy first day of spring!

  13. zLovely plants & the flowers...some well captured shots!
    We could already feel it's fragnance looking at them.

  14. I swear I can smell them! One of my favourite fragrances.

  15. I love the scent of hyacinths.

    What is better than a green, growing beauty that smells so good for less than $3?


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