Monday, 12 March 2007

Costume Creation

My 40 year old sewing machine has been pressed into service again, this time to sew my chorus costume for our annual Variety Show that will take place off-off-off Broadway at the end of April. We've been rehearsing since January.

Chorus members will be dressed in black pants, white shirt and a reversible torquoise/black vest... it sounds pretty tame compared to the glittery outfits we have worn in previous years. I really hope there will be some sparkles to sew on.... what's a Variety Show without sparkles?

Here's the 2006 chorus... I'm second row, third from the left.


  1. Oh I hope that you take some pictures of the event. IT sounds a lot of fun.

    Just read your last post re:meter. I have a token meter, and get low cost electricty at night time. I have timers set so that the dish washer works over night and all the hot water is heated over night.

  2. 2nd row, 3rd from left? I knew it!! (I could tell by the accent.)

  3. I love chorus singing. Wish we could hear you. Take pictures please.
    Maybe your voices will be all the sparkle needed.

  4. oooooooooooooooooooooh cilla lookalike!

  5. Yep, need some sparkles on a black n white with and yellow sparkles to compliment your hair!

  6. Which internation TV show will you appear on? (need a little planning). Or will it be a poscast only? :))

    Wish you all the very best from the other side of the pond. If the wind's in the right direction, I'll open all windows...

  7. True enough - you do expect some sequins or glitter.

  8. Fizz and Photowannabe: I'm sure you'll see pics of this event, just keep visiting the blog.

    Craver: Don't you know by now... we British people don't have accents... YOU do!

    Xtreme: Of course! What did you expect?

    Mrs N: Cilla??? Hehehe That's a blast from the past... I know she's popular in UK but she never made the grade over on this side of the pond.

    Rosemary and Jay: I'll tell the costume director about the sparkles...

    Toraa: Keep your eye on the TV Guide, we might surprise you!

    Libby: a very very long way off Broadway, in face about as far away from Broadway as you can get!

  9. Oh then, the intonation which stood apart because it was devoid of twang or drawl... You know, it was just so much easier to say it the other way.

    I have seen people get excited about the way Brits or Aussies talk, but so far, no one has told me, "My, what a lovely American accent; talk some more!" (sigh) You're lucky.

  10. Hi, thanks for your comment! 20th March 1970 - from my Dad for my 20th birthday! I used Mum's old singer until then!

  11. 1. I wish I knew how to sew. I could save a lot of money on pillow cases and sheets.

    2. Wish I could see your off-off-off Broadway show. I'm sure it's spectacular.

    3. Thanks for visiting my site.

  12. I just wish the photo was clickable to make larger!

    Believe it or not, my engagement gift in 1969 was a sewing machine! I told Bill I did NOT want a diamond ring--just a wide, gold wedding band. When he realized I was serious and wanted a sewing machine instead, he concurred! So how old is that???

    BTW, I'm a redhead too (strawberry blond). :)

  13. I dusted off my sewing machine yesterday in hopes of stitching some spring outfits. Good luck with your big event. Stop by and see my Canadian Garden blog.

  14. I thought when I first looked at this picture that you might be a Sweet Adeline, but then I saw the men. That looks like fun.

    I sing with Sweet Adelines here in Florida. We have a great time.

    Thanks for your visit the other day.


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