Tuesday, 1 May 2007

J is for Jolly Jaunty Jokes on Moving Day

Jolly Jaunty Jokes?
OK, so I'm cheating a bit, but I had to think of something crazy beginning with J just to carry on with the Alphabet theme, but really the focus of today was Moving Day for No2Son and his Beloved. They moved from a rented one bedroom apartment in Toronto to their very own three bedroom town house in a smaller town to the east of the city. Such Excitement!

The Beloved's Dad delivered all their furniture in his giant trailer, and believe me, it was absolutely FULL.

The guys giving their muscles a work out.

Careful of that mattress, someone has to sleep on that tonight!

The enormous new fridge arrives. This delivery man was quite upset when he thought I had taken his picture... perhaps he had a shady past that he wanted to hide. The fridge is so big that the front door had to be removed to get it into the house.

When I left, S's Dad was about to hook up the central vac, and go shopping for paint for the bedroom and bathroom.

I'm so happy they have bought this house. It's quite a long daily commute to and from their work, but it's a great starter home, and it's so hard to find anything affordable. I know they'll be happy here.

The next big event in their lives (and ours!) is The Wedding in October!


  1. The First House is a big event! Lovely large fridge is also a big event.

  2. That is cute with the J'S
    sounds like they are going to enjoy there new home, won't know what to do with themselves coming from a 1 bedroom to a 3 bedroom. Lots of chasing around the house that should be fun.

  3. Ohhhh. I know how this must thrill you! These milestones for our kids are as though they are ours. The same will be happening for my daughter one of these days, when her beloved moves to Atlanta from LA. Soon, I hope!

  4. Yep, moving is a HUGE job. Sounds like a great move for them.
    You asked where we were moving. We are looking in several places north east of Sacramento, either Roseville or Rocklin, California.
    Exciting times.

  5. Hurray and congrats on their first home! I'm so excited for them. :) It looks like a wonderful neighborhood.

  6. I wish all happiness to your son and his fiancee. Our young gives so much
    a significance to our lives.
    Fine post, full of live :)

  7. Lovely photo. It's very exciting when you move to your first house. And of course there's nothing as wonderful as being young and in love!

  8. tut-tut: that fridge is enormous, big enough for both of them to get inside... if they ever wanted to!

    Lilli & nev: Thanks for the comment, yes, they'll have lots more room, and even a little garden and some grass to cut.

    ginnie: I'm very proud of them, they are getting on with making a good life for themselves.

    Photo: Good luck with your househunting, and eventual move.

    Mad: their new house is the end unit of a block of seven townhouses. The houses are quite small, but nicely designed and best of all, it is THEIR'S!

    leena: thanks for your visit, yes, it's wonderful to see my young people moving on in life.

    mandi: Ah yes, young and in love... and getting married in October... this is turning out to be a year of changes for them.

  9. Congratulations to them and you! It's so difficult to get on the property ladder, bet they're really proud. I LOVE the paint the town red party, and I didn't know you trod the boards as well...let me know how the show goes! Break a leg!

  10. And what will they remember about this day? That their family was there to help and love them on their first big adventure.

  11. what a cute couple! great fridge, too!!

  12. Ooooh moving is always exciting, especially a first house!! The move into a bigger space should also be quite a wonderful change, space is always welcome, at least it gives options :)

  13. New homes and new beginnings are always good. I bought my own apartment in the city (Queens) 20 months ago. Now, all I need are some grand dogs and grand kittens like you do. Definitely NO horses allowed.

  14. P/S> Have you picked out your mother-of-the-groom dress yet?

    October is only a few months away.

  15. What an adorable couple! Congratulations to both of them on the new house and best wishes for the wedding!
    And don't push them Ex, the grandkids will come in time ;-)

  16. Just catching up - can't believe I haven't visited since you wrote 'H'. I know I've been busy, but that's inexcusable!

    Hope your October wedding is as warm and sunny and happy and jolly as our May one was. Shall look forward to hearing all about your shopping expeditions, and I'm longing to know what shoes you'll be wearing!!

    Thanks for stopping by. Sue


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