Friday, 11 May 2007

M is for Mouse

Continuing with the alphabet theme, (only 13 more to go, aren't you glad?) M is for Mouse. When I went to serve the usual birdies breakfast from the bird seed bag in the garage, my scoop of bird seed contained a dead mouse! Yuk... shudders!
The next day, there were two live mice in there. I have no idea how they got in, but they definitely couldn't get out.
The Space Cadet made sure they won't be back!

M is also for Moose. Good thing this chap isn't foraging for food in the garage.
He might be a little harder to get rid of!


  1. Hello Ex-Sham
    This is just a note to thank you for your nice note two months back. I'm back in BlogLand now.

    I don't know your blog very well. I think we connected just as I was leaving. But it's nice to see you having so much fun with things like your alphabet game. I like the optimism and cheer that fills your writing/photos.

  2. Oh, an alphabet theme! That's interesting! Good luck for finding interesting stories for the missing letters!

    Thanks a lot for stopping by my little Country Cottag Garden. It's raining cats and dogs over here since almost one week and I am forced to take a break from gardening... ;-((

    Have a great week-end!

    Warmest wishes from Germany,

  3. When I saw your title on the feed, I was hoping for Mickey Mouse. Niw I wonder... Is it Mickey Moose??

  4. It is comforting to know that I'm not the only person with a mouse problem.

  5. Hello and thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

    The old Indian arrows are about 24 inches long. Not long at all by today's standards but the people who pulled the bow strings were not that tall either. The blade on the war arrow is about 2 inches so that one from nock to tip is 26 inches.

    You can keep mice out of the bird seed. I bought one of those laundry room narrow clothes hampers in white plastic with a white lid that is hinged at the sides. Less than $10.00 US Dollars. They can't raise the lid to get in.

    I have hunted Indian arrowheads over the years and sometimes am amazed at where you find them and the pattern they are in.

    These are flint arrowheads and the last two I found were inches apart in the middle of a corn field. I think they were shot into a man or an animal and the victim died there. And over the centuries, everything disappeared except the two flint points. It makes life more interesting that way.

  6. I don't like surprises like those in your birdseed. Maybe like Abraham suggested a plastic can could do the trick.
    I'm enjoying your alphabet theme. Love that moose.

  7. Did the little mice go to a place "far, far away" or did you guys set it loose outside?

  8. i think we have a little mouse or two living under our guinea pig hutch. So long as it doesn't poo in the house, i don't mind!

  9. Hi everyone:
    - Potato: I'm glad that your move went well and you're back writing and drawing about life. I'll be checking in regularly.
    - Anita: You've had a warm sunny spring, so a bit of rain will be good for your garden.
    - CdnSws: I didn't ask their names, but it just might be Mickey and Minnie.... or Fred and Ethel... or....?
    - Peggy: At least these mice were confined to the garage and not in the house ... YET!
    - Abe: This is the first time that I have found mice in the birdseed. I think they climbed up the rough textured concrete block wall and jumped in the open bag, no holes in the bag so they didn't chew their way in.
    - Gerald: Ohhhh thanks! It's not often I'm a winner, I'll be in touch!
    - Photo: The moose was one of many lifesize moose statues that were decorated by various artists and scattered around Toronto as a tourist attraction a few years ago. I'll try to get some pictures of others.
    - Ming: I wasn't there to witness the deed, but I believe those two mice went swimming... um... cough cough.
    - Lettuce: I don't think mousie poo is much different from guinea pig poo, is it?

  10. That Moose is amazing...what an expression on his face!

  11. First of all, Happy Mother's Day.

    Second of all, NO, I'm NOT glad we're getting to the middle or end of the alphabet. This has been way too fun.

    Thirdly, those mice aren't dumb, of course. Glad the Space Cadet figured it out. But that Moose is one cool dude. Love him.

  12. Oh those poor little mice. To think they met their end just as they were feasting! M is for mortified, in the fullest sense of the word.

  13. Some real nice shots and eagerly waiting for rest of your 13 posts with the remaining alphabets. They are really interesting & wonderful.

  14. I never asked - are you a fan of Sue Grafton's Alphabet Mystery series? Was that your inspiration?

    Dead mice and cool mooses notwithstanding - Happy Mother's Day!

  15. Thanks for visiting:
    - Angela: Yup, he's very cute... in fact ALL Canadian mooses are cute!
    - Ginnie: Thanks for the Mother's Day wishes, actually I am having Mother's Day held over till Monday... dinner downtown and a Torotno Blue Jays baseball game with the family. Should be fun!
    - Annie: Love your M comment!
    - Kalyan: thank you for such a nice comment. I hope you visit often.
    - Isabella: Sue Grafton got the idea from ME!

  16. Mice can get in anywhere! Hope you had a happy Mother's Day otherwise.

  17. M is for Mousie, you got it right the first time. How very appropriate! ;-)

  18. Ha....we have mice in the sunflower seed tote all of the time. We put the lid on tight, put the three bricks on top of the lid and there they are next morning with seed hangovers. As for Moose.....yours look much more citified than mine...they are so 60's with hooves.

  19. at least you have normal-looking mice. the ones we have here in the office are sort of reddish, and they act kinda nuts. waltzing mice? that's a genetic thing. too weird for words. the only way we can catch them is with that sticky stuff on cardboard, and guess who gets to dispose of the mice once they get caught??? I told them after the last one, that I would not do it any more.

  20. Aww those mice are so cute!!!


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