Friday, 1 June 2007

S is for Seven Wonders

There are Seven Wonders of the World, right? Ancient and Modern, I believe.
So why shouldn't each country have it's own Seven Wonders....... starting with Canada.
The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) has been searching for our own Seven Wonders of Canada by asking Canadians to submit their favourite places, and so far there have been over 25,000 suggestions.
The list has been narrowed down to 52 nominees.
Some are natural wonders, some are man-made.
I have to admit I haven't seen them all.
I've driven across the Confederation Bridge from New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island. An amazing piece of engineering.
I've toured the Library of Parliament in Ottawa.
Niagara Falls? C.N.Tower? I've been to both places so many times that I could apply for a job as a tour guide.
I've enjoyed a bagel in Montreal and I've seen my hockey team competing for The Stanley Cup. (Go Leafs Go)
I've visited The Vimy Memorial in France (it was closed for renovation) and the wonderful Museum of Civilisation in Quebec.
Gros Morne in Newfoundland is a stunningly beautiful World Heritage site, you shouldn't miss it, and Old Quebec transported me back to the old towns in Europe.
I've walked along the banks of the Rideau Canal in Ottawa (but not skated on it cos I can't skate... never learned) and I've strolled through Pier 21 in Halifax, where over a million New Canadians saw their first glimpse of their new country.

Obviously I have many more of the wonders of this great country of Canada to see and experience.

How difficult it is to choose just Seven.

Which ones would YOU choose?


  1. The St. Lawrence is pretty amaxing, especially when viewed from Quebec City.

  2. This could be the start of something big. We could do the Seven Wonders of the Blog World. We could do the Seven Wonders of Your World (and mine). The possibilities are endless. (Well, except that each would be limited to seven choices!)

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  4. Hi, and thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.
    I hadn't heard this on CBC, but it is interesting.
    I have lived in Canada 41 years this November, and I am embarrassed to say, that I have only been out of province once, a short trip to PQ, all our other travels have been to the States or Europe.
    I can think of several places that might be nominated, but only because I'd like to see them, and find them interesting, not because I have been there.

  5. What a wonderful post. Brings back memories of my trip far too long ago.

    I saw the Confederation Bridge being built in 1996. We had to take the ferry to PEI from NB. It's a life goal to drive over the bridge.

    My personal Canadian favorites that I've seen are (starting from east to west):
    PEI. Old Quebec. Niagara Falls. C.N. Tower. Toronto PATH. All the beautiful lakes in Ontario along the Trans-Canadian Hwy. An amazing Italian restaurant in Saskatoon. Edmonton Mall. Statue of Wayne Gretzky at the Oilers stadium. Canadian Rockies. Boston Pizza. An amazing restaurant in Burnaby. Whistler. Victoria.
    It may seem like I've listed everything we saw in Canada, but honestly, these are just my very favorites. There are hundreds of things that I loved...I'm not sure I experienced anything or anyone unlikeable. I Love Canada!

    oh-i just remembered one thing unhappy. My husband got motion sick on the ferry to PEI and back. But it was all worth it.

  6. I have only been to you vote twice...once for you and again for me!

  7. Thanks for showing just a few of the many wonders Canada has to offer. I must admit that, of all the wonders nominated on that link, I find it difficult to pick a real favourite. :)

  8. There is already a disussion of what should today count as the 7 wonders of the world and now we should start with other lists. Yes, you are right, it's a good idea, maybe also for bloggers.

    I have unfortunately only visted the BC and Niagara, when it comes to Canada. BC in general, Victoria Island...Fantastic!

    I will let you, the Canadians between yourselves, vote!!

  9. Your list has some impressive selections.


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  10. canada does look so beautiful.

  11. Well living in the UK, I couldn't possibly choose, as I still have to see them all!!!

  12. Oh boy, there's a world of wonders in store for me here. Thanks for the list. I'm off to explore. Annie

  13. I would not be a good one to choose, Ex-S, because I have seen only a handful of Canada's wonders. BUT, I must say that old Quebec City is totally mesmerizing! I'd go back there in a NY minute! AND to Vancouver Island!!! :)

  14. You is a walking talking encycliopedia, and I bet I spelt that big word wong!

    Wing wang

  15. Us West-coasters hate to be left out of things - what about the Butchart's gardens in Victoria? Or the Rocky Mountains? Or the rainforests of BC?

  16. Hi everyone:
    - Tut: The St Lawrence is HUGE at Quebec City, an awesome sight.
    - l.l.: What would your Seven Wonders be?
    - Sheila: You must have beaten me on your arrival in Canada by a month, I have lived here 41 years in December!
    - Mad: WOW you have seen lots of parts of Canada that I have never been to. Were you on a cross-country tour ow something?
    - Rosie: You beat me on that one, I have never been to Nelson.
    - dogbait: Nice pictures!
    - CdnSws: the results are being posted by CBC later this week, so we'll find out which Seven Wonders have been chosen. I'll let you know!
    - Peter: I haven't been to Vancouver Island, but my son has and he loved it!
    - Abe: I think your next vacation should be in Canada! Lots of birds to photograph here.
    - lettuce and libby: I know you're both in the UK, maybe a visit to Canada in the next little while?
    - annie: I hope you enjoyed exploring all our "wonders".
    - ginnie: I agree, Quebec City is a pretty amazing place. I've been there in the summer and the winter.... in fact it was -25C, I couldn't feel my toes for longer than 5 minutes.
    - Martin: wow, thanks for the compliment.
    - Stacey: I think those places were nominated, but got kicked out for some reason. You can take it up with CBC if you're really upset about being overlooked!

  17. I'd choose the big room in the AGO with all the Henry Moore sculptures. Breathtaking....

  18. seven wonders of malaysia would be the Petronas Twin Towers (tallest twin towers in the world), Kuala Lumpur Tower, Rafflesia (the largest flowers in the world), Penang Bridge (the longest bridge in Asia), Langkawi sky bridge, Lake of the pregnant maiden and last but not least the Aquaria.

  19. I never heard this on CBC. I sure missed something interesting.

    I definitely think Niagara Falls should be one of them. I'll have a think.

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