Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Lucky Stars


The lucky winner of my 100th BlogPost Commemmorative Giveaway has been named using a foolproof selection method! Twentyfour names of lovely Blogsters who left comments on my 100th post were put into my Red Hat Lady hat and The Space Cadet closed his eyes, counted to ten, muddled them all up and the Blogger name he came up with was.....

HOORAY and Congratulations to

OldOldLady of the Hills in L.A.

Your prize is a lovely glass suncatcher star... in fact I think it's a Lucky Star! Your choice of colour. Let me know your address and it will be in the mail quick as a flash!

Wasn't it Louis Armstrong who sang....

You are my Lucky Star

I saw you from afar...


  1. Awwww. That's one lucky lady...and she deserves it!

  2. Well, well; another disappointment! I hardly slept last night, anxious about the result!

    Seriously: Congratulations to the lucky lady!

  3. What a great idea, and a very nice one to.

  4. When I read who did won, I was very happy. Naomi is a star - now as before. Her blog and wonderful photos from her garden is amazing. And all the reportages from the meetings and parties with old friends - oh great.
    She needs all the encourragement and support she deserves. She spread so much joy.

    Thank you for sharing.

    PS. Where was I at that time?

  5. dang it! congrats to the person who won!

  6. Oh I'm very very excited! O LOVE those stars....The one that just jumped out at me is that mu;ti-colored on in the second picture---over on the right? It looks like it might do some amazing things in the sun!
    I will write you at your email and send you my address....!

  7. Very light, star bright...

  8. Aah, see how the stars go to the lovely hills of California.

    And what a breath of fresh air to see that blogging is not exclusive to one age group, but has multi-generational appeal. Less like a dorm or homeroom and more like a good neighborhood, mixed and thriving with variety. I love it!

  9. Oh well done oldoldladyofthehills, you lucky old thing!

  10. Liked your comments about the bra! Personally I prefer the type that advertises 'lift, separate and thrust'

  11. Congratulations to the lucky winner,
    those look very nice. Do you make them?

  12. REPLY ALL:
    I agree with Ginnie and Tor, Naomi has a wonderful blog, she deserves a prezzie!
    Sorry to hear that Peter was tossing and turning all night in anticipation. Try again 99 posts from now.
    Answering Lilli's question, yes, I make these stars from scrap glass left over from bigger glass projects. I'll probably be making more in the next week as giveaways at a Bridal Shower we're having in the back yard.
    I love Craver's comment regarding the multi-generational appeal of blogging... I agree, it's wonderful to get to know people of all ages, cultures, and from all walks of life.

    and Naomi.... I hope you enjoy your gift, it will be on it's way to the Hills ASAP!


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