Saturday, 20 October 2007

The Wedding!

On a scale of 1 to 10 for weddings, that one was absolutely, definitely, and without a doubt, a 10!

Everything went according to plan. Wedding guests arrived from UK and Newfoundland on time. The weather co-operated with sunshine/clouds and a chilly breeze but NO RAIN! We seem to have been eating, drinking, and celebrating for weeks.

The Bride arrived with her mum and dad.

The ceremony was at the Royal Botanical Gardens, in a courtyard surrounded by flowers.

OlderSon (who was a very efficient and handsome Best Man), me, my newest daughter-in-law, and YoungerSon. We all look so happy! No, I didn't wear my wedding hat.... I thought about it, but, well, I decided it just didn't go with the outfit.

And the first son-in-law for the Bride's family.

Of course, enjoying ice-cold Champagne in the stretch Hummer... and a picnic of ham buns and Nutribars, thoughtfully packed by the Bride's mum to stave off hunger between the wedding and the reception.

We haven't seen any of the photographer's pictures yet, but he was full of interesting poses for the wedding party.....

.... especially this one! The bridesmaids were gorgeous.

The first dance at the reception.

And after that the party got really wild.

And now the newlyweds are enjoying sunny Portugal for a couple of weeks.
Ahhhh... it's all over. But what a super time we all had. My UK and Newfoundland guests have gone home. We are trying to get back to normal, whatever that is. Happy memories!


  1. Stunning, you can now sit back a bit and relax...
    So many good looking happy people in one place. As a man I don't know if it's my place to comment on the dress but I will.. it was beautiful, and the bride more so.
    And you said "The bridesmaids were gorgeous". What an under statement
    I'm going to keep popping back to read the comments now.

    All the best to all concerned.

  2. Looks like a great wedding, it is wonderful when things go as planed I'm glad the weather cooperated. Now it is time to sit back and take a breather. Have a good weekend.

  3. What a handsome couple they make.
    You looked to have had a wonderful day, days, weeks?
    What a brilliant idea to have the ceremony in a botanical garden, the colours are fantastic
    I can't wait for more photos.

  4. Delightful pictures and such a lovely bride. Her dress was simply beautiful and her Mother in Law wasn't too bad her self....great shots and wonderful memories. I'm looking forward to more.

  5. As much fun as it was, isn't it a great relief when it's all over?
    You have been blessed with a beautiful new daughter...and her husband is quite the cutie as well!

    Thanks for coming to my place!

    Oh! meant to tell you ... I didn't MAKE the tassels you saw. I have made simple ones long ago. Thanks for the compliment!

  6. must the be most beautiful fall wedding photos i've seen - her flowers, her dress, the colors of the garden - a stunning autumn wedding! You all look so happy and had so much fun! Congrats to everyone!

  7. What a fabulous venue. The bride looked lovely, the bridesmaids too, the bride's mother looked great, but I have to say you looked absolutely stunning in your outfit. Well worth all the anxiety I'm sure. I imagine you were thrilled - hat or no hat!!!! So pleased for you all that yours, too, scored 10 out of 10!!!!

    Isn't it a wonderful feeling when it's all over and you know it went according to plan - despite the fact that you want it to go on for ever!

    Looking forward to more updates!

    Sue xx

  8. I'm just catching up with blogs on a rugby free night - the wedding pictures are brilliant - so glad you had a good time.

  9. A wedding without a hitch - that's a blessing!
    Everyone looks happy (no wedding-preparations-stress showing) and the surroundings are perfect.

    That photo of the groom with the bridesmaides should be sent to the "Bride Magazine" immediately ;-)
    Happy life to the young couple! May their lives be as magical as their wedding!

    (what a coincidence - I'm getting over a head cold, first one in 10 years! Hurry up, Florida sunshine will cure you in no time ;-))

  10. A truly stunning bride! She looks beautiful in every picture. Love the eggplant the bridesmaids wore. In fact, I think I love everything! What an exciting, wonderful day. Best wishes to you all.

  11. These large weddings are quite the affairs, aren't they. They leave the head spinning, the guests smiling, the parents paying bills and the young couple starting off with a bang.

    It's nice to see you too, Ex-Shammickite.

  12. FABULOUS! First of all the place where the Wedding was held is absolutely gorgeous! The flowers...Breathtaking!
    All the pictures you showed are truly wonderful and one gets a real feeling of "the day" from son is soooo very handsome. They make a beautiful couple. And you looked Stunning, too!
    You must be tired, but Happy, too.
    It all looks like such a happy special memorable time.

  13. Oh wow! What beautiful wedding photos!

    The bride and groom are gorgeous. Send them our congratulations.

    And you look great in blue. Very royal in royal blue.

  14. What a beautiful wedding! Everybody looks stunning! I absolutely love the autumn colours in the setting, clothing and flowers. Glad the weather worked with you as well.

    Exhausted, but happy, eh? My best wishes to all!

  15. Whoa! It looks like a grand wedding. You look great! Actually you ALL look like film stars. It also looks like everybody had a good time which is the important thing.

  16. Fab wedding. Fab photos. Congratulations!

  17. ah.

    looks like a 12 to me

    lovely pics. I do like the colour of the bridesmaids dresses.

    and you look lovely too.

  18. Wonderful photos! Looks a great wedding! Thanks so mucg for sharing them here.


  19. Beautiful Wedding, Wedding Pary, and Great pics! I'm glad it went so well! Now kick back and RELAX......

  20. What a beautiful wedding! Thanks for visiting my site please come back anytime:)

  21. Hello, Just thought I'd say hello.

    The wedding pics are stunning! I love the bridesmaids dresses. The autumn theme is lovely.


  22. What a FABULOUS account, Ex-S! You will be in wedding glory for a long time, to be sure. Congratulations once again!

  23. Oh that was a nice wedding and yes now you can relax, which i am sure is very hard after all that work you had done.
    I love weddings but i find i cry at all of them even this one. Happy tears tho.

  24. What an absolutely beautiful wedding...and such a lovely venue.
    You have some wonderful memories of a gorgeous day.

    Marie x

  25. May they be a blessing to each other, and may both families benefit from their union.

  26. So much preperation, so much time in organising and then suddenly its all over, so glad you had such a lovely day

  27. Looks like a beautiful wedding and such a good-looking couple! congratulations to everyone involved :)


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